Planetstrike - Defending (pt.2)

Another post on the same day... something must be going wrong with me... althought after the last post I figured I would try to impart some more information relating to Defending in Planetstrike. The reason no information has been forthcoming from me regarding attacking is because I havent had anywhere near as good luck Attacking as I have defending. I can tell you that it is not wise to charge a 5 man Deathwing squad into Difficult and Dangerous terrain to router out Kantor and his Sternguard Squad... you are bound to roll three 1's on the Dangerous part and basically give them a free Killpoint with minimal effort required. Anyways back to defending. Something that all my games of Planetstrike have shown me... RESERVES RULE!!! Quite literally, even with the random nature to how they turn up the main thing that has won me a lot of my defending games and lost me a lot of my attacking games is those pesky reserves. For example.... the Attacker rolls for his forces to arrive on turn one and gets the vast majority of his army on the table... when it comes to your turn it simply gives you more targets to try and arrive next to. For me the number of times that i have had a Gaunt Unit, Carnifex, Genestealers or Broodlord arrive from Drop Zone is unreal, the fact they then have to turn to face the new threat, or leave themselves exposed at the back makes it very interesting. It also means that you reduce the effectiveness of Firestorms by a lot, and their first turn of Deepstrikes can be severely reduced in effectiveness if there is less for them to try and charge when they arrive. A couple of thoughts on what has been a tried and tested tactic for any of the Defenders I see, whether it is me or someone else... it is damned annoying to see that Landraider Crusader with Special Charater and Terminator squad arrive from behind your men.


Tom said…
As I implied in the other post I reckon yu managed to get a couple of months worth of rubbish dice rolls out of the way in one day.

I concur with what you're saying re the reserves which means that attacking Guard should/will always have the special character that forces rerolls of succesful reserves, I also reckon we should have a go at trying to figure out a sensible %age of your force that can be allowed to be held in Reserve - 33% sounds right but maybe start at 20% and work up.
Kraggi said…
Probably worth getting an inhouse rule, but doing it as... no more than 4 of your FOC choices can start in reserve.... thats less hassle than 33% or 20%