Orks Orks Orks!!!! Waaaaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

So just to prove I have too many armies and how much I enjoy pottering around making army lists, given my recent fun with Orks I figured I would post yet another Army list. Fortunately I own all these models, which is partly why its written this way.

Any comments or feedback is welcomed as always. I will try and update the list every so often to give people and idea of how it fairs.

Total Points 1498
Total Orks 68

Warboss: 120 points
Twin Linked Shoota, Cybork Body, 'eavy armour, Attack Squig

Troops11 Ork Boyz: 76 points
Big Shoota

12 Ork Boyz: 112 points + 45 Points
Nob w/ Power Claw, Big Shoota, Trukk; Red Paint, Rokkit Launcher

11 Nobz: 330 points + 45 Points
Painboy, eavy armour, 5 x Big Choppa, Trukk; Red Paint, Rokkit Launcher

20 Ork Boyz: 255 points
Nob w/Power Claw, 2 Rokkit Launcha's, Ard Boyz

Fast Attack
2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

Heavy Support
Battlewagon: 95 points
Red Paint

5 Flash Gitz: 150 points
More dakka


Raptor1313 said…
I'm a little surprised your Warboss has no melee gear; I'd figure on there being a Power Klaw, or at least a 'uge Choppa.

The Flash Gitz seem a little undermanned. I'm given to understand they can crank out a hefty volume of fire, but 5 guys isn't a lot of guns in hand. I would be tempted to kick them out for more Deffkoptas, and some Warboss kit.

Perhaps a Boss Pole in what looks like the objective-camping Shoota Boy unit?
Tom said…
Hmm quite different from the other Ork lists I've faced - would be an interesting game I think, although there are a couple of deployments that would give me grief I reckon this lot is much more beatable than your Nid list
Kraggi said…
Damn it... this is what happens when I write army lists late at night.

The Warboss does have a Power Claw... or he should do at least.. looks like I will be re-writing this list so it actually has in it what it should do...
Kraggi said…
Also I like the idea of the Boss Pole Shoota boys, I will get the list re-written and tested at least once this week... probably against this Tom chap and his three thrice damned Vindicators!

Will aim to get a re-write up next week... the more games I play with it, the better the army list re-writes....