Sons of the Lion

The Sons of the Lion chapter is one of the Dark Angels Successor chapters. They are one of the few successor chapters created from the Dark Angels gene seed. Although a relatively new Chapter the Sons of the Lion have already prevented several minor Chaos incursions, along with one full scale offensive.

The main Chaos incursion they prevented was in the Varcan Cluster. They had responded to reports of a Fallen leading a renegade warband, which was ravaging the worlds in the Cluster. The whole of the Sons of the Lion chapter was redeployed into the Varcan Cluster in an effort to stabilise the sector. Two Imperial Guard regiments from the Sons of the Lion’s home world, Methelas, where dispatched to support them, along with Inquisitor Naaman to help route out any corrupt government officials. After several months of searching they found the renegade base, a heavily fortified moon orbiting a dead planet, although at the time of discovery it was undermanned as the main force of the renegades was obviously away raiding yet another system.

Chapter Master Kalidian ordered the 6th, 7th and 8th Companies to move into the base and eradicate the enemy forces. When the renegades returned from their Raid they would find the doors of their base barred, and the walls manned by their Enemy. When they moved to retake their base, the rest of the Chapter would descend to crush them. The initial assault went well; the Company commanders reported a swift victory with minor losses. The Sons of the Lion’s fleet moved out of the system to avoid detection.

Two weeks after the base was taken the fleet received a communiqué reporting the renegade fleet had been spotted entering the system. The Chapter Master moved quickly to deploy the Imperial Battle group to engage the renegade ships in Orbit, while the Sons of the Lion’s Battle barge and supporting Strike Cruisers deployed the rest of the Chapter to crush the renegades. When the Spear tip led by the Stonewing reached the base, they found the renegades inside. Before the Stonewing could react, their own battle brothers of the 6th, 7th and 8th Companies descended on them. The fighting was brutal and intense as only the fighting between brothers can be. Chapter Master Kalidian rallied the Stonewing to him, while the rest of the Chapter attacked. The ensuing battle lasted for the better part of two days, hundreds of Sons of the Lion perished in the conflict.

In the final hours of the fight, as the Sons of the Lion began to turn the tide in their favour, the Fallen they had come chasing emerged from the base. The once Veteran Sergeant Leuctra had now fully committed himself to the powers of Chaos, choosing to favour the Lord of Decay over the God-Emperor. Kalidian charged him, knowing that somehow this Traitor had turned three companies of his Marines to the ruinous powers. Faith in the Lord of Mankind met the stench of Decay, the titanic battle between the two was devastating. The earth shook as they two waged war, Kalidian found himself overmatched by the thousands of years of experience of Leuctra, and found himself on the defensive, losing ground, his armour battered and broken by the thunderous blows of the now Daemon Prince. Such was the fury of the duel the two opposing armies had moved back to give the combatants room. The Sons of the Lion preparing for one final charge to destroy the enemy, each Marine knowing that if their beloved Chapter Master could not defeat this Daemon Prince; they would soon be following him to the death.

Just as Leuctra was about to deliver the final blow, Kalidian prayed for deliverance, not for him, but for his battle brothers so that they may survive to rebuild their chapter in order to wipe out the betrayers. That deliverance came as Inquisitor Naaman teleported to the Surface of the moon, along with a contingent of Grey Knights. The Inquisitor formed a psychic barrier between the beleaguered Chapter Master and Daemon Prince, one that barely held from the force of the blow aimed to kill Kalidian. Staggered by the knock back of the Psychic shield, Leuctra stumbled. Grey Knight terminators charged into him to finish off this Fallen Marine, they got no nearer than ten paces before Plague Bearers started appearing. First a few… then more, hundreds, thousands of them appeared, separating the Loyalist forces from the renegades. By the time Sons of the Lion and Grey Knights had cleared the battlefield of Plague Bearers the renegade forces had retreated to their ships, and made an emergency warp jump out of the system leaving the forces of the God-Emperor to count the cost.

The battle had accounted for over 300 Battle brothers lives. The Stonewing had been reduced to Kalidian’s command squad and fifteen Terminators, many other companies had been reduced below fighting strength. Inquisitor Naaman informed Kalidian that he had studied the nature of the enemy, realising that only a Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord given unimaginable gifts would have been able to orchestrate the destabilisation of the sector. With this knowledge he had requested a Grey Knight presence as insurance against the possibility of Daemon encounters.

A Month after the betrayal and reinforcements were on the way from the Sons of the Lion’s home world. The 10th Company had almost en mass been promoted to full Space Marine status to help the Chapter get back to full strength. During this time the Dark Angels fortress monastery, The Rock, appeared in the cluster and demanded the presence of the Kalidian to explain the actions of his men. No one knows what was said during Kalidian time on The Rock, but upon returning to the Sons of the Lion many things changed.

The 6th, 7th & 8th Companies were stricken from the records, reducing the Chapters overall strength by nearly a third. The 11th Company was created to consist of the Scout units and the pool from which new Sons of the Lion would be promoted. Kalidian took personal command of a battlegroup consisting of elements drawn from all of the Chapters Companies, and has since lead them on several daring raids against Renegade strongholds. The Master of the Hawkwing, Marhod started inducting more Marines back into the Hawkwing to replace the losses they experience during the conflict. Darton, the commander of the Stonewing command squad that fought with Kalidan during the battle was raised to the Master of the Stonewing, and he along with the twenty survivors began the searching the Chapter for replacements to refill the Stonewing ranks.

Inquisitor Naaman requested to remain with the Sons of the Lion assisting in the search for the Renegades and the Daemon Prince Leuctra and the stabilisation of the Varcan cluster. The detachment of Grey Knights left without much contact with the Sons of the Lion. Their Strike Cruiser has since been spotted within the cluster indicating they are still awaiting the Inquisitors command. The 5th and 6th Regiments of the Methelas Imperial Guard have been permanently assigned to assist in the task of bringing stability back to the sector. They currently work alongside the Sons of the Lion where required, and answer Inquisitor Naaman’s calls for aid and military strength.

While their home world of Methelas remains defended and is still recruiting the next wave of Sons of the Lion, the Chapter itself has established several Bastions and Bases throughout the Varcan Cluster, this does mean their man power is thinly spread, however it also allows them to respond quickly to threats across nearly 90% of the cluster.

A further month following the betrayal, Kalidian addressed the assembled chapter. The Words he said at that gathering were recorded and all new initiates to the chapter must memorise them during their induction to becoming a fully fledged Son of the Lion.

“We have been betrayed. By the Brothers we fought side by side with. By the Mentors who tutored us and the pupils who learnt from us. We have been betrayed.
Now we move to undo the wrongs the Traitors have wrought. We move to track down and eradicate the stain on our Chapters honour. There will be no rock unturned, no leaf unstirred until we have found and accounted for each and every one of our treacherous brothers. This task may take Millennia for us to achieve, but we will not falter in the face of it.

The people of the Varcan cluster will not be left undefended in the face of these traitors. We will remove the taint from any planet we find it on. We will kill the xenos and purge the unclean. We are the hand of the God-Emperor; we have his righteous fury within our hearts, his strength in our arms, and unyielding faith in him in our souls.

Come now my children, it is time our enemy learned what it is to face the Wrath of the God-Emperor and the roar of the Sons of the Lion”

A bit of information about the chapter itself, why they are where they are and whats happened recently. I know the story is pretty much a copy of the backstory to the main Dark Angels chapter, but I figured that this is something that is in the Geneseed itself. Maybe some day they will find out why those three companies turned...


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