Horus Heresy Posts

This post contains all the posts about the Horus Heresy on this site in one useful location, including Army lists, WIP shots, Unboxing and the completed models.

Useful Resources

Warstone Flux Horus Heresy Page
30k Plus 40k Resource page
Forgeworld Scale Comparisons

This page has the following sections:


World Eaters


How to...

Paint an Ultramarine


Betrayal at Clath 
Roboute Guilliman (Video Post)

Army Lists

Betrayal at Clath - what can you make
Betrayal at Clath - 1500 Points
1020 points
1500 points
2000 points
2000 points of Tanks

Lord of War

Robout Guilliman (Work in Progress)


Centurion in Terminator Armour
Praetor in Terminator Armour
Praetor with Legate Axe & Aerotech Pistol (WIP)
Centurion with Legate Axe
Master of the Signal (WIP)

Tactical Squad Alpha (12 Marines, 1 Nunico Vox, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Squad Beta (12 Marines, 1 Nunico Vox, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Squad Gamma (12 Marines, Sergeant with Combi Weapon)
Tactical Support Squad Alpha (Plasma Guns x 6)
Tactical Support Squad Beta (Volkite Calivers x 5, Sergeant with Augury Scanner & Combi Weapon
Tactical Support Squad Gamma (Meltaguns x 6, Sergeant with Augury Scanner & Combi Weapon
Tactical Support Squad Delta (Flamers x 6, Sergeant with Power Fist & Combi Weapon)


Cataphractii Terminators (5 Complete, 5 Undercoated)
Tartaros Terminators (Undercoated x 10)
Tartaros Terminators - Alternate Heavy Weapons (Undercoated x 5)
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Complete)
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Complete)
            Contemptor Dreadnought (Work in Progress)
Legion Veteran Squad Alpha (Undercoated)
Legion Veteran Squad Beta (Undercoated)
Legion Veteran Squad Gamma (Undercoated)

Fast Attack

Attack Bike Squadron (3)
Outrider Bike Squadron (3) (Undercoated)

Heavy Support

Legion Heavy Support Squad - Rocket Launchers
Legion Heavy Support Squad - Heavy Bolters
Spartan Assault Tank (Unboxing)
Sicaran Battle Tank (Unboxing)

Dedicated Transports

Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Additional Units
The items contained here will be bought and painted for the Ultramarines Chapter, but will only be usable within the 40k setting, which these models will be able to double up as. 

Devastator Centurions


Army Lists

Coming soon!


Tech Priest Dominus (WIP)


Thallax Cohort (WIP)
Adesecularis Covenant (WIP)

Heavy Support

Thanatar Calix (Unboxing)

World Eaters (Dragkon)

Army Overview
Terminator Praetor (Work in Progress)
Terminator Squad
Tactical Squad (Work in Progress)

Salamanders (Dragkon)

coming soon (ish)


jabberjabber said…
Thanks for the link :-)
Kraggi said…
Thanks for making it worth linking!

One of (if not the) best resource for info about the Horus Hersey era of gaming out there on the net.

Inspired this page, and me clumping all my posts together, but not need for me to review the units given the information on your blog!

Might do some from my point of view once I actually have some games with them, but intend to reference your blog in each of them :-)