Betrayal at Calth - 1500 points

Earlier this week I posted some basic options of what you can make with just one copy of the Betrayal at Clath.

Today I will look at a specific 1500 point list without any special characters... 

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Legion Praetor - 157pts
Rites of War - Pride of the Legion (Veteran Squads & Terminator squads count as troops)
Cataphractti Terminator Armour
Combi Melta
Chain Fist

Legion Centurion - 120pts
Power Maul
Plasma Pistol
Legion Champion


Legion Veteran Squad - 270pts
10 Marines
2 Rocket Launcher with Suspensor Web
Flakk Rockets

Legion Veteran Squad - 245 pts
10 Marines
2 Meltaguns
Power fist (Sergeant)

Legion Veteran Squad - 275 pts
10 Marines
Rocket Launcher with Suspensor Web
Flakk Rockets
Plasma Gun
Sergeant with Combi-Plasma, Power Fist

Legion Terminator Squad - 235
5 Terminators
Cataphractii Armour
Heavy Flamer
Chainfist x 2
Power Fist
Pair of Lightning Claws
Sergeant with Grenade Harness


Contemptor Dreadnought Talon - 205
1 Contemptor with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon & Graviton Gun (in built)


So my first attempt at a halfway decent 30k list. Given that i don't own too much at least this gives me some options, although the problem it is going to have is closing on the enemy. 

It does have 4 troop choices, although if they all die the opposition score an additional Victory point, and i can't take allies while using this choice. 

In hindsight I would look at tweaking the Centurion to have some different weapons (I basically assembled the hero Characters exactly as they are in the boxed game to allow me to play it), if i get second box set I would look at changing the equipment they have (no Plasma Pistol, and a better power weapon than a power maul!).

You can then (quite easily) pick your legion for this force and gain some additional rules to help out in your games.

I am looking at Ultramarines, where units shooting at a unit already shot at get bonuses to hit, but you could go for Iron Hands where all shooting at you is at -1 strength, or Sons of Horus where you get bonuses in close combat.

Any thoughts or ideas?


jabberjabber said…
A solid core list for starting out in 30k!
Range and closing with the enemy (or rapidly moving, in general - if and when required) are going to be issues here though. Equally, there's plenty of marines there, so they're going to be nicely survivable for a while if played tactically.
Kraggi said…
Definitely one of the risks for this list is its lack of mobility, and I will aim to get another list written up based on this, but with some vehicles.

This was just a first attempt at what you could write only owning the one box.

Looking forward to your feedback on any future lists I post though :-)!