Unboxing Betrayal at Calth (Picture Heavy)

Its late! 

Very late... apologies to those of you who expected this on Monday.

Anyways... the unboxing of the Betrayal of Calth.

Lots more pictures to follow! 

When you pop the lid you get to see the mountain of plastic contained within, the number of models is very impressive and I cannot wait to start modelling these guys!

A quick snap of the dice, and the bases.

Below are the back and front shots of the two leaders (A Captain, and Dark Apostate), which I feel confident can be used to model a couple of the HQ choices for a 30k or 40k army! 

Below are three pictues of the Cataphractii Terminators sprues, as you can see you get enough options to make yourself a nice and unique squad of terminators

My one complaint here is that the only heavy Weapon is a heavy flamer, however there are still plenty of options of what to equip them with! 

And below the three sprues for the 30 MkIV marines.

And here is the sprue for the Contemptor Dreadnought, with a couple of arm options this isnt a bad sprue. Hopefully in the future there will be a little more pose ability of the model, but for something contained in a starter set I am very happy with this!

The pack of Card for the boxed game itself, having watched some of the video that GW released I am pretty excited to give this some play throughs to be honest. 

They are a decent size and are of a nice high quality. 

The book of the boxed game fits nicely with the theme of the 30k books released thus far, and makes me hopeful we end up with some other neat sets in the future! 

As I would expect from Games Workshop it has a nice glossy feel to it with a decent amount (but not too much text on each page.... more on this when I have played some games! 

The assembly guide for all the models seems very comprehensive.... although I expect I will see if I can get through without checking it too much (as much of a matter of silly pride I guess)

The boards, no shots of them unwrapped, but again impressed with the ease of which this looks to play by using them. 

And finally the Transfer sheet... I have never been very successful with transfers but there are a decent number of them here, and I may very well actually give them a shot this time!