Forgeworld Spartan

Some recent purchases to expand my Horus Heresy army, starting with the Spartan Assault tank (more shots after the jump)

So when you open the box here are the contents, 3 double sided pages of instructions, three bubble wrapped sections (either side of the hull, and the top and bottom).

Removing the bubble wrap and you can see both sides of the hull and the top and bottom (including the extra bits of resin), and with an Ultramarine for scale. 

The rest of the contents of the plastic bag, all the gubbins to make up the Spartan.

I also picked up the Ultramarines landraider door set, just to give the tank a bit more flavour. 

All in all, the warping on these seems pretty minimal, the one thing that I don't appear to have (which is a little disappointing) is the parts to make up a Laser Destroyer sponsor (s). 

You just get the Quad Lascannon emplacements, which is fair enough (as its still a significant number of Lascannons a turn!).

Looking forward to painting this bad boy up, finally my infantry heavy army is heading towards a mechanised presence! 


Kteleren said…
The model looks like it's your be awesome when put together. Looking forward to seeing how you paint it!
Kraggi said…
Managed to get it assembled, will be posting that next week when i get some pictures done, and it is awesome, not something you want to drop on a limb....