2,000 Points of Tanks

So while reading through the 30k Red books I noticed one of the Rites of war I thought might be cool to give a go.

Armoured Breakthrough.... it basically makes predators troops...

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So the concept here is that this rite of war allows:

  • 1 Sicaran Battle Tank to be a HQ choice, which gains access to this Rite of War, and Gains +1BS for free
  • Sicaran Battle Tanks can be taken as Elites
  • Compulsory Troop choices must be filled by Predator Strike Squadrons with the Predator Autocannon Turret.
  • Predator Strike Squads may fill non Compulsory Troops
  • Infantry Squads that can must purchase a Dedicated Transport
  • Infantry Squads that cannot purchase a Dedicated Transport must instead be transported inside another vehicle. 

Bearing that in mind, here is a quick fire look at 2,000 points built around this list:

Sicaran Battle Tank  - Lascannon Sponsors, Auxilary Drive, Hunter Killer

Sicaran Battle Tank - Heavy Bolter Sponsors
Sicaran Battle Tank - Lascannon Sponsors, Hunter Killer

Predator Strike Squad - One Tank
Predator Strike Squad - One Tank
Predator Strike Squad - One Tank with Heavy Bolter Sponsors
Tactical Squad - 12 Marines

Heavy Support
Spartan Assault Tank - Auxilary Drive, Hunter Killer
Sicaran Venator - Lascannon Sponsors, Auxilary Drive, Hunter Killer

Lord of War
Typhon Heavy Siege Tank - Heavy Bolter Sponsors, Armoured Ceramite, Hunter Killer

This list rocks in at 2000 points on the head.

It comes with 4 scoring units (one of which can get to those somewhat harder to reach places for tanks).

It also has 18 twin linked shots a turn, that ignore jink saves, are S7 with Rending on Turrets. Its worth pointing out here that while S7 + Rending still needs that 6 to hurt AV14, I get +D3 to my roll if I get a rending result, which means I am more liklely to Penetrate AV14 than glance it. 

For this list I would be hopeful that very few armies in the game can deal with this many tanks in one turn, allowing me (even if I dont win the initative) to be able to deal with their biggest anti-tank threats one or two a turn. 

The biggest weakness this has is against an Infiltrating list, or against one using the Oribtal Rite of War. 

Additionally while I think this list would be cool to own & play (lets face it, it really would), it probably wouldnt be that much fun for my opponents, as they are either gonna have so much Anti Tank that I cannot hope to survive one or two turns, or they aren't going to have anywhere nearly enough.