Legion Champion, Master of the Signal Unboxing

Yet another unboxing post, this time about the Master of the Signal & Legion Champion from Forgeworld. 

I also include the Legion MkIV command upgrade kit as its a bit small to do the post on its own.

All the piccys after the jump!

First up these guys arrive in blister packs, rather than the plastic bags you sometimes get forgeworld stuff in. 

The contents fresh out of the blisters, no flash or anything has been removed at this point. 

The Legion Champion standing on his stoney outcvrop.

The Master of the Signal with all his gubbins around his waist. 

The Helm, Standards & Nunico Vox's that you get in the command set. 

The helmets for the Vox controllers are quite nice, and overly sized. 

Another shot of the Legion champion.

These guys will get built up potentially using some of the Ultramarine upgrades you get from the 40k upgrades sprue, and failing that using some of the Ultramarines Brass Etched symbols to ensure they fit in nicely (not that I have any of those on most the rest of my force!