Horus Heresy Unboxing a Primarch (Pictures)

I changed my role at work recently, and the guys were very nice and bought me a leaving gift.

This turned out to be a voucher for Forgeworld!

Which in turn means I decided it was time to buy an expansion for my Ultramarines.... the unboxing is after the jump....

A quick snap of the contents of the Forgeworld package. The brass etchings are for the Imperial fists and for a friend that jumped into the order to help me hit the £75 for free delivery in January. 

Below you can see all of the pieces of resin out of the box itself, including the two stands (the display / scenic one and the model base).

Below you can see the Resin that makes up the Marble steps... not too sure how I will paint up the Marble steps 

Roboutes body, which is a decent dize even before he is mounted on his huge base!