The Big Game!

So with the New Year past us now, I am looking towards what events I have on my Calendar.

Two Tournaments in Feb, one doubles one singles. Both of these have preperations well underway.

The event that I truly think will blow my mind is the Big Game.

Yes I managed to convince my local store to let me run a Huge Apocalypse event... still waiting for confirmed numbers and fingers crossed for some decent numbers.

If you are in the local area of Kirkcaldy on the 21st January why not pop in, or better yet bring your Models along with you!

The More the merrier as we aim to help top last years Big game total of 2.3Million points world wide!

Dystopian Wars - Eotbs Carrier

Here are some shots of the Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval Carrier, I like the way they have done this one, it matches in perfectly with the rest of the nations offerings so colour me impressed!

The White Dwarf Scenario (40k)

I like many of you bought myself a copy of White Dwarf this month, my Necrons were banging on their carry case doors and I couldnt wait to get my hands on the Codex, so as a final act upon leaving my FLGS yesterday I bought myself a copy of the White Dwarf.

I have to say I wasnt disappointed, I thought it was a decent issue with lots of information. Anyway, in the aim of trying to build up a bank of scenarios I decided what better way than to blog them?!

So without further ado, here are the important bits of Information from the Scenario used in this months Battle Report.

To my mind you can use this scenario to re-enact the Eldar & Ultramarine Alliance against the Necron forces, or simpy use it to represent a well defended location on a Imperial World of low strategic Importance.

They used two allied forces at 2000 points per ally, so 4000 points in total.

Board Size: 6' x 4'

Deployment Zone
Red = Attacker Delpoyment Zone
Green = Defender Deployment Zone

Basically Nominate one of the Long Board Edges as the Northern Border.

The Necrons then get to deploy upto 9" from the remaining Board Edges.
The Defender gets to deploy upto 30" in from that Boardedge.

Within the Defenders Deployment Zone they should setup a lot of defensive structures. Ideally using the Bastion / SkyShield Kits & Aegis Defence lines that come from the Planetstrike Terrain Set.

All the Rules for using these Buildings are described in the Planetstrike rulebook, however the Bastions Armour Value is reduced to 12/12/12.

ObjectivesThere should be 5 Objectives placed on the Table. If the Attacker takes a Named Special Character HQ choice then the Defend can claim an extra Objective if they kill them in Close Combat.

Game Length
5 Turns.

First Turn
The Attacker goes first, unless the Defender can Sieze the Initative.

And there you have it folks. Slightly modified from the WD battle report but thats basically the gist of it!

Army List Wednesdays Necrons 1750!

So another Wednesday and another Army List.

This is something I managed to try out against my brother, and while it won the game it definately showed that improvements could be made!

However, lets see what you think, and yes one day I will write a list without a Special Character just to see how it works!

Anrakyr the Traveller
Catacomb Command Barge

Royal Court
Necron Lord, Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs
Harbinger of Destruction - Solar Pulse
Harbinger of Transmogrification

Necron Warriors x 15
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Pyrrhian Eternals x 10, Tesla Carbines

Canoptek Wraiths x 3, 1 Whip Coil
Canoptek Scarabs x 6

Annihilation Barge

Total 1744

Not quite the 1750 I had aimed for but getting ever closer. This is the first list I have written that I felt was capable of dealing with a lot of different threats... ok so its only played Blood Angels, and some decent Dice Rolls helped a lot, but this is the one I think I am going to play test for the next little while to see how it does.

Any advice/feedback? Feel free to post as its welcome!

Dystopian Wars - The French are Coming!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I decided to post this when I opened my emails this morning to find all this stuff in my inbox from Spartan Games (I strongly advise signing upto their news letter for these type of updates alone!).

The dawn of the 19th century brought with it a series of catastrophic events that stripped France of its status as an imperial power. Having reached, as they saw it, the very lowest depths of despair, the French spent the following decades dedicating all their efforts into rebuilding their nation and its glory. 

Now, as the 1870s dawn, and the world is gripped by crisis, France sees at last the chance to regain its rightful place as a great power. The self-satisfied, naysayers and complacent, at home and abroad, who in the past have sought to write off the Republique's fortunes are soon to be proven very wrong.

The French military forces are split into three services: l'Armee de Terre, l'Armee de Mer and l'Armee de l'Air: literally, the Armies of the Land, Sea and Sky. The Navy and Air Forces also include their own integral marine forces, known as Mousquetons, after the compact automatic carbines that are their main armament.

L'Armee de Terre is split into the Regular and Reserve Armies and the Heavy Assault Command. The Regular Army is formed of Armoured Regiments; each incorporates its own artillery and infantry elements. The Armoured Regiments form the backbone of the Land Army. 

The French Navy is divided into three fleets: Atlantic, Channel and Mediterranean, with the strongest forces assigned to the latter two. The Navy also incorporates its own aerial element, the Maritime Air Force, which is responsible for the fighter and light bomber squadrons employed on the Navy's battle-carriers.    

The third of the Republique's armed services is the most glamorous and also very cosmopolitan. The French air service, focussed as it is on France itself, employs large numbers of conventional short ranged aeroplanes, organised into fighter and bomber squadrons (escadrons de chasse and bombardier respectively) grouped within Air Combat Wings. This part of the air force also incorporates the heavy bomber squadrons.    

Dystopian Wars Release Schedule

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas!

Here is some more information straight from the Horses mouth on the Spartan Forums about the Dystopian Wars release schedule!

• By January 2012 we will have released all of the combat models detailed in the Dystopian Wars Master Rulebook
• As I'm sure you are aware, we are always reviewing the contents of our rulebooks and as we near the time for a new print run of the Dystopian Wars Master Rulebook, this review process has become even more focused. As such, the new print run will include all current errata and a review of some of the current wording in the rules text
• Additionally we will use this chance to re-check the current point and stat values of certain models. This is NOT a wholesale alteration of the Nations, but it is important for us to make adjustments we feel are warranted for gameplay
• Please note that this is categorically NOT V2.0 of the Dystopian Wars rules and any amends to the Master Rulebook and / or Stats will also be made available as PDF downloads

To keep you fully in the loop, the roll out of Dystopian Wars models from the first book will be as follows:

November 2011
Scenery Part 1 (5 x Sets: Military, Airfield, Industrial, Town and Modular Weapons Platform)
Covenant of Antarctica Naval and Aerial Blisters (Battleship, Cruisers, Frigates, Tiny Flyers and Bombers)

Large Flyers
Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Blisters (Large Walker, Medium Walker, Small Tank Bases)
Covenant of Antarctica Time Dilation Orb (Waterlined Version)

Mobile Airfields
2 x Fleet Carriers (Empire of the Blazing Sun & Prussian Empire)
3 x Sky Fortresses (Kingdom of Britannia, Covenant of Antarctica & Federated States of America)

Scenery Part 2

All the best,
Spartan Neil

Dystopian Wars Rules Update!

Merry Christmas to one and all (I am pretty sure that is Spartan games motto at this time of year with so many Dypstopian War announcements!)

Only a little bit behind the release this time I swear!

Here is the link to THE Dystopian Wars blog post of the Year!

I kid you not, direct from Spartan Games, if you want to Play this game, or if you currently are you need to read these rules.

They are updating the Master Rulebook for the Dystopian Wars, and this Blog post has all the PDF files available for viewing.

Hop on over and have a look!

Master Rulebook Updates

Dystopian Wars - KoB Flyer

So this time its the Turn of the Kingdom of Britannia.

These guys have some of my favourite models out of the whole DW collection and this baby is no exception!

Dystopian Wars - Christmas Presents!

So while checking my blog for the first time in a week, I decided to pop over to the Spartan Games website.

What I found there were a couple of their Blog posts that are definately worth a read (if you havent already seen them).

The first State of the Nations describes benefits for the nations currently in the game. In most cases this is somethign as simple as additioanl MARs rules for the mentioned Nation.

The Second is called the Fate of the Nations another interesting read with PDF links for stat cards.

Anyway, thats it for today, regular posting should (note the word) resume after Christmas.

Hope all of you reading this have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year if you arent back at the blog before then!

Dystopian Wars - CoA Flyer

Second week in and this time we are looking at the Covenant of Antartica's Flyer.

Another model that I really like the look of!

Army List Wednesdays 500 Points of Grey Knights

This list was built for a Tournament I ran a few weeks ago.

It is NOT intended as a list for Combat Patrol.

For Grey Knights I was actually impressed at how much I fit into 500 points lol!

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon
5 Grey Knight Terminators, Psycannon, 4 Halberds, Daemonhammer
8 Grey Knight Strike Marines, Psycannon, Psybolt Ammunition.

So in total 14 Guys and a raft of 2+ armour saves!

Now normally I go for a statement that Grey Knights need to be hitting 1750-2000 points to really be hitting their stride, however at this lower points value they may also have an edge!

Obviously for Combat Patrol this list would need rejigging and in that cast I would tweak it round to the following:

Inquisitor: 25
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolt Ammo
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2

This leaves me with 15 points for 'toys' for my Inqusitior and a decent chunk of men (21 in total) for a 500 point game!

February Doubles Scenarios

So as part of the preperation for the Tournament in February I thought I would post the 5 scenarios we are going to be playing.

I have always thought that its best to keep the mission objectives in mind when building your armies for Tournaments... hence why I used Draigo as my HQ when HQ's were worth 3 Kill points each.

Anyway, without further ado here is the info.

Scenario 1: No-Man’s-Land

Scenario 2: Altars of Khaine
deploy two objectives in any opposite board quarters, and then the next team does the same in the other board quarters. Objectives cannot be deployed within 6" of any board edge and not within 12" of an existing objective. Each is worth two Kill Points if held at the end of the battle by a scoring unit.

Scenario 3: Emergency Extraction

Scenario 4: Vanguard:
Vanguard from page 66 of the Battle Missions
supplement – substitute all references to “Space Marine
with “Attacker” and “Enemy” with “Defender
invasion, any infantry, jump infantry or jet infantry units
from the Attackers’ Army can capture objectives, not just
Troops units as would normally be the case.
Game Length:
turns following the rules under ‘Ending the Game’ found
on page 90 of the Warhammer 40,000 rule book.

Scenario 5: Cleanse
to capture board quarters. This is achieved by having a quarter occupied by any of your Armies units and no enemy units. Units can only claim, or contest, one board quarter and each board quarter is worth one point, so standing in the middle of the board will not give you four points! However, if a unit is in more than one quarter then the quarter with the majority of models from that unit in will be the one that counts. If the divide is too close to tell then roll a dice to determine the quarter. A vehicle can only hold or contest a quarter if it is not immobilised or destroyed.
Game Length:
turns following the rules under ‘Ending the Game’ found
on page 90 of the Warhammer 40,000 rule book.

So next week I will be posting what I see as the scenarios requirments, and hopefuly I will have a list or ideas of what the army will need to be effective in all 5. Well something like that.

Apologies to all who saw the random muddle of stuff at the end of post... really need to stop writing my notes for games in posts I have scheduled!

Dystopian Wars - Eotbs Flyer

So here begins 5 weeks on the bounce of flyers that are being released for various factions within the Dystopian Wars story.

This week I am showing you the Empire of the Blazing sun.

As ever I love the level of detail that Spartan put onto their models, and yes this is a render, but I have still yet to see a render that had more detail on it than the model. Whatever they are doing they are doing it right!

Army List Wednesday Necrons for Doubles!

I dropped the ball last week and for anyone eagerly awaiting an army list I apologise (dont imagine there were too many of you).

This week I am going to post a couple of lists to side up with Blood Angels in the upcoming Doubles Tournament in Feb next year.

Option 1:
Overlord (Representing the Silent King)90
Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phaeron, Resurrection Orb75
Warriors x 20260
Warriors x 565
Ghost Ark115
Warriors x 565
Ghost Ark115
Scarabs x 690

This has three scoring units which reduces the Blood Angels need to have scoring units on the table. The one that will be out in the open has a Resurrection Orb and two Ghost Arks capable of supporting it.

The Scarabs are there to put the fear of god into Tanks which will help at least a little with regards to our anti armour forum.

Option 2:
Court (Cryptek with Solar Pulse & Eldritch Lance, Cryptek with Veil of Darkness)55
Immortals x 10 (Upgraded), Telsa Carbines153
Immortals x 8, Telsa Carbines 153
Annhilation Barge90
3 Wraiths, Whip x 1115
Scarabs x 460

This option gives me a lot more Anti-Infantry Fire, leaving the tank busting to my Allies. The Scarabs will still cause issues to any tanks out there, and if they stay stationary it can be a serious issue for them.

The Traveller costs the same as my other lord option but can cause problems for opponents with vehicles of any description and his Lance also helps us out.

The Solar pulse can grant a turns grace if our enemy goes first and we want to try for an agressive setup. In fact alongside thigns that people feel must die (like Stormravens) a Solar pulse is probably not a bad thing at all!

Option 3
Warriors x 10130
Warriors x 10130
Annhilation Barge90
Annhilation Barge90

This list has a chunk of Firepower and two Special Characters in it, of course Obyran gets the Barge and the Nemesor hides in one of the units of Warriors at the back of the table.

Now its a case of testing the babies out, however suggestions are welcome.

I will point out that if its a vehicle you suggest I use, please ensure its actually released because I aint gonna have the time, will or perhaps most importantly the skill to convert it.

Necron Scenario - Tomb World Revisited!


This is not a balanced scenario; this is designed to be difficult for the invader fighting against endless waves of Necrons.

This scenario was first drafted up back in April 2009 after reading one too many Planetstrike rumours, posted in 2010 and now re-written with the new Necron Codex release.

+++++++++++++++++Inquisitorial Report++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++For Attn of Inquisitor Jachem++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++His Eyes Only++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

My Lord Inquisitor, the Galactic south western area of the cluster has fallen. It appears a Necron Dynasty has risen up from worlds both inhabited and not.

The first planet to fall was that of Derago. It received a Transmission from a Necron Phaeron requesting they remove their presence from the world within thirty planetary rotations. The Imperial Govenor of Derago ignored the warning, but did call in for additional support. The support did not arrive in time. Derago ((see attached data file for a full history on Derago) was a Hive World, there was no way it could be fully evacuated in that timescale. I do not use the world was lightly for all 5 of the major hive complexes have been destroyed, razed to the ground. It appears that not a single human being survived the Necron attack.
The Support that was requested arrived in the form of a Blood Angels Battle Barge, they managed to get one Thunderhawk and a handful of Drop Pods to the Surface before coming under attack in the Space around Derago by Necron vessels. On the ground the Blood Angels had barely landed before being assailed from all sides. The Thunderhawk managed to extract some Blood Angel survivors, and their Captains report is also attached.
To summarise the report My Lord, the Necrons have converted the Hives into raw resource for them to use as part of their world. The Blood Angel scans indicated extensive remodelling of the planet and Hives had already been completed, except around the Capitol.
In the Centre of what was once the Capitol Hive there is an unusually powerful signal. It appears to be a power source of some kind. I believe this may be one of the C’tan Monoliths the Sons of the Lion have previously encountered. It could very well be co-ordinating the entire Necron warmachine in that area. At the very least we believe it is the central hub of activity on Derago.
I respectfully submit to you that this is the ideal time to strike in force, with the revised explosives I mentioned in my interim report. They should be able to deal with the C’tan Monolith or whatever is actually down there. A Successful strike could stall their advance in local Star Systems buying us valuable time.
I do not ask this lightly as I appreciate the multitude of threats facing the Varcan Cluster itself, and I can only hope that you feel assistance is warranted here.
Yours Faithfully, in the name of the Emperor.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++Message Ends+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++++++++Thought of the Day+++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++Trust not the Unknown for the Emperor++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++has revealed all we need trust+++++++++++++++++++++

As the invasion force moves in on the location, swarms of Necrons emerge to defend their world. Unbeknown to the invasion force this is only the beginning.


Battlefield is setup as a ruined Cityscape. In the very Centre of the Battlefield there is a C’tan Monolith, make sure that this is in the very centre of the board as it forms the focal point for the game and the terrain layout.
The revised rules for the C'tan Monolith can be found here.
The invading force may setup anywhere on the table that is more that 24” from the C’tan Monolith.

Explore Additional Pictoral methods for this section.

The invading army deploys first following these deployment rules. The Invader may deploy their army anywhere on the tabletop as long as they start the game at least 24” from the Inactive C’tan Monolith. They also must start at least 18” from each Necron Portal (this prevents Portals from being destroyed on Turn 1, unless the Demolition Charges are on faster choices).
The Necrons do not deploy anything on the table at the start of the game. Any Monoliths they have are brought in from Strategic Reserve by deep strike on Turn 2.

Each side may nominate to keep up to 50% of the Kill points in reserve, these units arrive from turn 2 as normal.

Necron units arriving on the table may arrive from either Monolith Portals, Dolomen Gates.

First Turn

In this scenario the Necrons always go first.


Each of the Necron Dolomen Gates is an Objective this is whether they are alive or dead

The C’tan Monolith is an objective as well, however should it die, then Mark that spot on the battlefield with a Crater and this will count as an objective (the Centre Point should be used for measuring if you

This does mean that the while the C’tan Monolith is alive the Necrons will always have one Objective, as the enemy cannot contest it.

Scenario Rules for the NecronsDolomen Gate:
Toughness: 8
Wounds: 4
Invulnerable Save: 5+ (this represent shots going through the portal rather than hitting the structure)

Undying Legions: Such is the power of a Necron World that when the Necrons phase out due to damage they are repaired nearly instantly by the numerous Tomb Spyders and Scarabs that exist beneath the ground.

All Necron units that have the Reanimation Protocol Special rule are recycled back into the battle. This means that any Necrons that do not succeed their Reanimation Protocol rule are placed to one side. At the beginning of each turn if there are enough dead Necrons of one type to form a legal unit then they may re-enter play through either a Portal or a Necron Monolith. If you have enough models to form a legal unit they MUST be brought onto the board, you may not withhold them for a turn. For Clarification the Minimum and maximum Unit sizes are displayed below:

                                         Minimum SizeMaximum Size
Warriors                                520
Destroyers                            15
Immortals                             510
Flayed Ones510
Lychguard                            510
Triarchs                                 510
Deathmarks                         45

When a unit comes back they return to the battle WISYWIG.

(e.g. in one turn the Necron player loses 32 Necron Warriors, 2 Wraiths and 4 Heavy Destroyers, in the following turn they will be able to bring back the following Units:
20 Necron Warriors
12 Necron Warriors
2 Wraiths
3 Destroyers
The rest of the dead Necrons are left until there are enough models to make a legal unit)

It Came from Below: As the invaders move into the Necropolis they inadvertently awaken the ancient Guardians. The first defenders of the city were hidden around the city and now come out of their slumber to destroy the invaders.

To represent this on the Necrons first turn the any units that are deployed may Deep Strike with the following four changes.

1. If they scatter into an enemy unit they count as having charged and fight in the Assault Phase
2. They are able to Move, Shoot and Assault as normal; they have just risen from the ground, and are out to get you!
3. If they have to roll of the Deep Strike Mishap table, discount any results which destroy the unit. They simply count it as misplaced and the Invader gets to place them.
4. They do not have to roll for Dangerous terrain if appearing within a building.

Scenario Rules for the Invaders

Demolition Charges: The invaders have bought along some high grade explosives to destroy the power source they detected. Three of the invading units may be given the Demolition Charges, make sure to note this on your army list before the game begins to avoid confusion. They are assumed to have enough Charges to last the entire game, so may use the charge several times if they get the chance.

To use the Demolition Charge the Unit must be in base to base contact with either a Monolith, Pylon or the C’tan Monolith. In the turn they wish to use the Demolition charges they are unable to move in the Shooting or Assault phase, however the unit may shoot at another target after using the Demolition charge. When they use it D6, on a roll of a 1, the charge fails due to a malfunction or incorrect positioning and kills D3 squad members. No Armour Saves are allowed and it counts as a Strength 10 hit so will be instant death to most multi wound models. Invulnerable saves may be taken.

On a roll of a 2+ the Demolition Charge goes off as planned. It inflicts D3 + 1 Penetrating hits against whatever target it is used against.

Planetary Invasion: Due to the nature of the invasion, the invading army counts all of the Troop Choices to have the unending assault special rule. This means that when the unit is destroyed the following turn they are able to re-enter play using the rules for Flank March.

Flank March: When a unit enters the game from Reserve they may enter from any table edge.

Yalusa - Event Day!

Yalusa is an industrial world about suffer a terrible fate.

The plant is located just to the Galactic west of the main hub of the Varcan Cluster. It is in a relatively low populated area of space. Even so the planet itself is home to several billion souls all working for the good of the Imperium.

Recent excavations have uncovered an ancient temple dating back to the Dark Age. While the initial scans have shown nothing of note from a technological point of view, the texts that the Librarians and Scholars began to examine led to more and more clues to the where abouts of a powerful weapon.

News of this reached the ears of one of Inquisitor Jachems agents. With the Inquisitor informed his forces began to quielty and discreetly mobilise towards Yalusa. Unfortunately very little in the Imperium actually happens at the speed of light, nor does the massive task of organising the redeployment of armies go unnoticed.

As such by the time the Inquisitor had his forces ready to move, never every faction within the Varcan Cluster knew that something was 'up'.

Little did the Planetary Govenor of Yalusa know, but his world was about to change, and change forever...

Another piece of fiction for the growing background of the Varcan Cluster. This time in reference to a Warhammer 40k Event day I am running at my local store today.

Dystopian War Islands!

Another week and another attempt from me to keep up with all the Goodies coming out of Spartan Games. I may actually be a month or two behind, that might not be a bad thing as it gives people a chance to see models they may not have already seen!

So this time its onto Dystopian Wars Terrain. Specically some nice Islands that could easily double up as mountains should you so wish it.

All in all I like the way they look and the scale looks good. What more can you ask for?

You can find these islands, not at Spartan themselves, but rather at here. They also have some other nifty stuff that could very well work for Dystopian Wars.

My Hobby in November

Thanks to Tom & Nikki I managed 4 games on my first day of gaming. An impressive total in 8 hours as far as I am concerned. From then on it got worse!
Necrons vs Space Wolves - 1750 - Loss
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - 1750 - Win
Necrons vs Space Wolves - 1750 - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Win

Winter War 2011 - Warhammer
Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos - Loss
Dwarves vs Ogre Kingdoms - Win
Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos - Win

Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins - 2400 - Loss

Over all I placed 13th out of 42 at the tournament so not too bad for my first competitive games of Warhammer in over a year, and only my 6th at this points level.

The Winter War tournament was an excellent event with three excellent opponents. I certianly need to get playing more games of Warhammer, and dont worry a post on the Winter War Tournament will be up before the end of the year (I promise John it really will!).

While I dont expect to get lots of gaming done this month I do have a series of Photos taken of my Brothers models that I intend to get posted up over the next few months.

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