Dystopian Wars Release Schedule

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas!

Here is some more information straight from the Horses mouth on the Spartan Forums about the Dystopian Wars release schedule!

• By January 2012 we will have released all of the combat models detailed in the Dystopian Wars Master Rulebook
• As I'm sure you are aware, we are always reviewing the contents of our rulebooks and as we near the time for a new print run of the Dystopian Wars Master Rulebook, this review process has become even more focused. As such, the new print run will include all current errata and a review of some of the current wording in the rules text
• Additionally we will use this chance to re-check the current point and stat values of certain models. This is NOT a wholesale alteration of the Nations, but it is important for us to make adjustments we feel are warranted for gameplay
• Please note that this is categorically NOT V2.0 of the Dystopian Wars rules and any amends to the Master Rulebook and / or Stats will also be made available as PDF downloads

To keep you fully in the loop, the roll out of Dystopian Wars models from the first book will be as follows:

November 2011
Scenery Part 1 (5 x Sets: Military, Airfield, Industrial, Town and Modular Weapons Platform)
Covenant of Antarctica Naval and Aerial Blisters (Battleship, Cruisers, Frigates, Tiny Flyers and Bombers)

Large Flyers
Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Blisters (Large Walker, Medium Walker, Small Tank Bases)
Covenant of Antarctica Time Dilation Orb (Waterlined Version)

Mobile Airfields
2 x Fleet Carriers (Empire of the Blazing Sun & Prussian Empire)
3 x Sky Fortresses (Kingdom of Britannia, Covenant of Antarctica & Federated States of America)

Scenery Part 2

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Spartan Neil