Army List Wednesdays Necrons 1750!

So another Wednesday and another Army List.

This is something I managed to try out against my brother, and while it won the game it definately showed that improvements could be made!

However, lets see what you think, and yes one day I will write a list without a Special Character just to see how it works!

Anrakyr the Traveller
Catacomb Command Barge

Royal Court
Necron Lord, Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs
Harbinger of Destruction - Solar Pulse
Harbinger of Transmogrification

Necron Warriors x 15
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Pyrrhian Eternals x 10, Tesla Carbines

Canoptek Wraiths x 3, 1 Whip Coil
Canoptek Scarabs x 6

Annihilation Barge

Total 1744

Not quite the 1750 I had aimed for but getting ever closer. This is the first list I have written that I felt was capable of dealing with a lot of different threats... ok so its only played Blood Angels, and some decent Dice Rolls helped a lot, but this is the one I think I am going to play test for the next little while to see how it does.

Any advice/feedback? Feel free to post as its welcome!


David Degeorge said…
i would drop the 15 warriors to 10 give them a ghost ark and the drop the wraiths and find away to get a triarch stalker into the list
Kraggi said…
Hiya, thanks for the feedback. Used my first Triarch Stalker in a game last night and definately looking at how to get it in all my lists now!