Army List Wednesday Necrons for Doubles!

I dropped the ball last week and for anyone eagerly awaiting an army list I apologise (dont imagine there were too many of you).

This week I am going to post a couple of lists to side up with Blood Angels in the upcoming Doubles Tournament in Feb next year.

Option 1:
Overlord (Representing the Silent King)90
Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phaeron, Resurrection Orb75
Warriors x 20260
Warriors x 565
Ghost Ark115
Warriors x 565
Ghost Ark115
Scarabs x 690

This has three scoring units which reduces the Blood Angels need to have scoring units on the table. The one that will be out in the open has a Resurrection Orb and two Ghost Arks capable of supporting it.

The Scarabs are there to put the fear of god into Tanks which will help at least a little with regards to our anti armour forum.

Option 2:
Court (Cryptek with Solar Pulse & Eldritch Lance, Cryptek with Veil of Darkness)55
Immortals x 10 (Upgraded), Telsa Carbines153
Immortals x 8, Telsa Carbines 153
Annhilation Barge90
3 Wraiths, Whip x 1115
Scarabs x 460

This option gives me a lot more Anti-Infantry Fire, leaving the tank busting to my Allies. The Scarabs will still cause issues to any tanks out there, and if they stay stationary it can be a serious issue for them.

The Traveller costs the same as my other lord option but can cause problems for opponents with vehicles of any description and his Lance also helps us out.

The Solar pulse can grant a turns grace if our enemy goes first and we want to try for an agressive setup. In fact alongside thigns that people feel must die (like Stormravens) a Solar pulse is probably not a bad thing at all!

Option 3
Warriors x 10130
Warriors x 10130
Annhilation Barge90
Annhilation Barge90

This list has a chunk of Firepower and two Special Characters in it, of course Obyran gets the Barge and the Nemesor hides in one of the units of Warriors at the back of the table.

Now its a case of testing the babies out, however suggestions are welcome.

I will point out that if its a vehicle you suggest I use, please ensure its actually released because I aint gonna have the time, will or perhaps most importantly the skill to convert it.