The White Dwarf Scenario (40k)

I like many of you bought myself a copy of White Dwarf this month, my Necrons were banging on their carry case doors and I couldnt wait to get my hands on the Codex, so as a final act upon leaving my FLGS yesterday I bought myself a copy of the White Dwarf.

I have to say I wasnt disappointed, I thought it was a decent issue with lots of information. Anyway, in the aim of trying to build up a bank of scenarios I decided what better way than to blog them?!

So without further ado, here are the important bits of Information from the Scenario used in this months Battle Report.

To my mind you can use this scenario to re-enact the Eldar & Ultramarine Alliance against the Necron forces, or simpy use it to represent a well defended location on a Imperial World of low strategic Importance.

They used two allied forces at 2000 points per ally, so 4000 points in total.

Board Size: 6' x 4'

Deployment Zone
Red = Attacker Delpoyment Zone
Green = Defender Deployment Zone

Basically Nominate one of the Long Board Edges as the Northern Border.

The Necrons then get to deploy upto 9" from the remaining Board Edges.
The Defender gets to deploy upto 30" in from that Boardedge.

Within the Defenders Deployment Zone they should setup a lot of defensive structures. Ideally using the Bastion / SkyShield Kits & Aegis Defence lines that come from the Planetstrike Terrain Set.

All the Rules for using these Buildings are described in the Planetstrike rulebook, however the Bastions Armour Value is reduced to 12/12/12.

ObjectivesThere should be 5 Objectives placed on the Table. If the Attacker takes a Named Special Character HQ choice then the Defend can claim an extra Objective if they kill them in Close Combat.

Game Length
5 Turns.

First Turn
The Attacker goes first, unless the Defender can Sieze the Initative.

And there you have it folks. Slightly modified from the WD battle report but thats basically the gist of it!


Atreides said…
ironic that the last white dwarf before my subscription runs out (after 12 years of uninterrupted issues) is the first decent one for maybe 2 years. i hope for the sake of the company that it isn't a fluke, but i sadly suspect it is.

i just came to the conclusion that there is no information in the thing that i cant get more quickly, and for free, online.
Porky said…
This could be very useful inspiration for those who don't read. That named special character idea really is a good one.
Kraggi said…
Part of the reason I posted it Porky, and I understand where you are coming from Atriedes.

I dont buy every WD now, just the ones that have models/releases I am interested in.