Yalusa - Event Day!

Yalusa is an industrial world about suffer a terrible fate.

The plant is located just to the Galactic west of the main hub of the Varcan Cluster. It is in a relatively low populated area of space. Even so the planet itself is home to several billion souls all working for the good of the Imperium.

Recent excavations have uncovered an ancient temple dating back to the Dark Age. While the initial scans have shown nothing of note from a technological point of view, the texts that the Librarians and Scholars began to examine led to more and more clues to the where abouts of a powerful weapon.

News of this reached the ears of one of Inquisitor Jachems agents. With the Inquisitor informed his forces began to quielty and discreetly mobilise towards Yalusa. Unfortunately very little in the Imperium actually happens at the speed of light, nor does the massive task of organising the redeployment of armies go unnoticed.

As such by the time the Inquisitor had his forces ready to move, never every faction within the Varcan Cluster knew that something was 'up'.

Little did the Planetary Govenor of Yalusa know, but his world was about to change, and change forever...

Another piece of fiction for the growing background of the Varcan Cluster. This time in reference to a Warhammer 40k Event day I am running at my local store today.