Dystopian Wars - Christmas Presents!

So while checking my blog for the first time in a week, I decided to pop over to the Spartan Games website.

What I found there were a couple of their Blog posts that are definately worth a read (if you havent already seen them).

The first State of the Nations describes benefits for the nations currently in the game. In most cases this is somethign as simple as additioanl MARs rules for the mentioned Nation.

The Second is called the Fate of the Nations another interesting read with PDF links for stat cards.

Anyway, thats it for today, regular posting should (note the word) resume after Christmas.

Hope all of you reading this have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year if you arent back at the blog before then!


Spifferson said…
I missed these as well. Spartan does acknowledge that many of there players are not aware of the latest web-developments. Thanks for sharing with us.

Of note is the "clarification" to minimum movement. I had skimmed passed it in my first games.