My Hobby in November

Thanks to Tom & Nikki I managed 4 games on my first day of gaming. An impressive total in 8 hours as far as I am concerned. From then on it got worse!
Necrons vs Space Wolves - 1750 - Loss
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - 1750 - Win
Necrons vs Space Wolves - 1750 - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Win

Winter War 2011 - Warhammer
Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos - Loss
Dwarves vs Ogre Kingdoms - Win
Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos - Win

Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins - 2400 - Loss

Over all I placed 13th out of 42 at the tournament so not too bad for my first competitive games of Warhammer in over a year, and only my 6th at this points level.

The Winter War tournament was an excellent event with three excellent opponents. I certianly need to get playing more games of Warhammer, and dont worry a post on the Winter War Tournament will be up before the end of the year (I promise John it really will!).

While I dont expect to get lots of gaming done this month I do have a series of Photos taken of my Brothers models that I intend to get posted up over the next few months.