Trollblood Axer

This is my Trollblood Axer, ready to rock n roll! He has done pretty well for me in the last few games and hopefully he will continue to do so.

Earthborn Dire Troll - Completed!

Ok so this took me over 6 months longer than I originally intended back in February, but here are the finished pictures of this beauty.

Let me know what you think.

June Doubles Tournament Random Pictures

Just some quick shots I found on my PC from the Doubles tournament in June.

Terrible picture, but this actually shows the best painted 750 points, as in the winner. Second time running this army has won so the rest of us need to work harder me thinks, cause these guys are awesome.

Prussian Cruisers - Finished

OK, so on my second post of the week its time to level with you... this is gonna be a Prussian only week methinks.

The whole fleet is now completed and the pictures are ready for uploading.

With regards to the crusiers these guys are done and dusted, the three of them a quite scary at short to medium range... you do not want these boys sitting of your bow!

Prussian Frigates

So following hot on the heels of my Britannia fleets, my Prussians got the finishing touches as welll.

The Frigates were not as fun to paint as the Brtiannia ones, but are still Wonderful models.

I generally use these in squadrons of 3... at least until I buy another Fleet Starter set so I have 18 of them.

Grey Knight Interceptors - Pictures

So final post about Grey Knights for a few days, and this time its all about the Interceptors.

The Fast attack unit of choice for me is these guys.

Load them up with Halberds, Psybolt Ammo & Incinerators and you are good to go.

Don't do what I do which is feed them to the enemy (I am trying to learn lol) and use their shunt wisely.

Grey Knight Grand Master

This time my pictures of the day come from my Grey Knight Grandmaster.

I havent got round to naming him yet, but he has been especially useful in all the games he has been in.

The Incinerator is still a choice I am not sure about on him, nut it is cheap and once he gets close it means lots of Barbequed enemies!

Inquisitor Jachem - Pictures!

Another day, another post and this time another post of my models.

Yes as You can probably see July is turning into a Gallery Month and I went Camera Crazy.

This guy is my Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Jachem. As featured in the short story I wrote The Varcan Cluster in Flames.

I really liked the Idea of a kitted out Inquisitor, and what better way to kit him out than in Terminator armour with a Psycannon!

They always say no one expects the Inquisition... well hopefully no one expects this extra relentless Psycannon!

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