Happy Birthday - The Blog 2 years on!

Its that time of year again.

Yes that means I have now officially been blogging for two years!

This is the 244th post on my Blog and over 260 comments posted!

I appreciate all the feedback and responses as even if its just to correct my Maths or English, although Hobby comments are the most welcome!

So how has the last year gone? Well in the last year I have posted 138 times, technically that just over once every 3 days (although I know there have been long periods of no posts... something that yet again I will work on.

My followers have increased from 23 to 49, so I must be doing something right.

At the moment my most popular posts are the Dystopian Wars Review & the Firestorm Armada review. At the time of writing this the Dystopian Wars Review has had over 4200 views!

What I blog about has changed as I have moved from Imperial Guard primarily to a push on Grey Knights recently with one eye on the Necron release that is hopefully later this year.

The Dwarves & 8th Edition went from being a brilliant release and system I was playing to loads to being boxed until they get a new Army book... and even then probably only for friendly games against my Brother.

My plans for the future are to try and get some Videos done. These will be of Battlereports, and I am planning on doing a Video review of a Dystopian Wars game.

The big push I am going for is to try and get a good Blogroll & Network up of people Blogging about (even if its only occaisionally) Dystopian Wars... the game is awesome, the models are amazing (while fitting the rotas to the Blazing Suns flying Aircraft Carrier I have to say my face lit up when the metal slotted into the Resin with no wiggle at all and was a perfect fit). If you are interested in getting involved in this in any way, drop me a line by comment or email on the bottom of this page. I have also posted on various forums to try and bump the awareness of it. So you can probably find me easily enough.

Anyway, enough of a ramble from me I think!

I look forward to the next year, and I hope you do too, thanks for the support and heres hoping it continues to get better.

Any hints, tips or ideas for the coming year let me know, either by posting a comment here or dropping me an email at Varcancluster@sky.com


Well done with all your progress. I think its great what your posting up here and I think the dystopian wars direction is a positive one.

I will certainly continue to support your blog.

Best wishes,

Kraggi said…
Thanks for the encouragement Smurf. Been a long road so far, and we will have to see how long I can keep these posts coming like this. Once I hit 50 on the bounce I reckon the next target is 100... a scary thought lol.