Britannia Cruisers - Finished!

So the second post in my Dystopian Wars week is for my Britannia Cruisers.

Like the Carrier they have been completed since January, but due to me be bad/lazy/terrible I havent had decent pictures taken to post.

Again a very simply colour scheme that works nicely for them. Any comments feel free to let me know.


The Inner Geek said…
You know where those would look great? At the bottom of the ocean beneath my FSA fleet! Ha!

Seriously though, nice work on the tiny ships. Mine are sorely lacking in paint at the moment.
It's true inner geek, British ships do look better underwater! Hail the Kaiser!
Kraggi said…
I'll be honest its quite possibly true.

Depending on how my month goes (with moving house n all) I will try and get you a picture of some Britannia ships underwater... I aim to please lol.