More 6th Edition Rumours (!)

Or as the case may be not!

All of these rumours are awfully early days, and I have to say I have wondered if they are even remotely true.

Consider for a second that GW could just be drip feeding the Interwebs with outrageous rumours that make the game sound absolutely horrendous.

There could be one grain of truth out of the whole thing. For example swapping shooting and Assault. Note I said for example as I doubt very much this would be the one grain of truth.

But if it was and all the other terrible changes were not true, but this one is then GW is giving people 9 months to get used to how nasty the new edition will be, to then find out at the very end that its only 1 change, a change they have heard about for 9 months and all the rest of it is pretty much how it is in 5th Edition.

A lot of people who said that GW doesnt listen to the community would say they had, because they only changed one thing instead of the whole game, and it might actually boost the sales of the game release.

Please be aware this is something that simply occured to me a few weeks ago while reading rumours... I am sure that GW does read the blogs out there, the forums and the comments posted. They may choose to ignore most of it, because when it boils down to it, Bloggers make up a small fraction of their gamer base (as do people who comment). We might be the more vocal section but by no means are we the largest section.

Just some food for thought. It would be nice for people to stop worrying about 6th Edition, the changes they will make might be sweeping, they might be game breaking for the current top armies, but I do doubt very much that is such a bad thing.

A lot of people don't like change because they don't like having to relearn new armies, tactics, army builds or mechanics... but if you dont like doing all of that then you are missing out on a lot this hobby has to offer.

Anyway, enough of me blethering on, hope some of this makes some sense, and has struck a chord in people, any comments and feedback are more than welcome.