Dystopian Wars -Battle Report, KoB vs Eotbs

Here is another Video Battlereport from a game of Dystopian Wars between myself and my brother (you can see his blog here).

I apologise for the poor lighting and sound... again something I need to work on, other than that I hope you enjoy the Battle Report!


Thanks for putting these videos together. I probably won't be getting into this game until next year, but stuff like this have been a great resource for me in the meantime. :)
Kraggi said…
No problem Der Feldmarschall.

My aim is to increase peoples awareness of the game, and I hope to have some more of these battle reports up in the future, along with some different fleets (these two are our fully painted ones lol).
Yeah, I'm gauging the local interest right now, and I hope to do a little "game preview" post on my blog in the next week or two to direct them to your site, Spartan Games, etc. I don't get a tons of visitors to my site, but I figure every little bits helps. :)

Although I'm not a naval guy, that part of the game looks way more interesting right now than the land part (apart from the giant robots). Do you have any preference or just love everything?
Kraggi said…
Every little does help, and its all about increasing the exposure of the game for me.

I really quite enjoy the naval side of things as that is what i have played, but they have yet to release a model I dont like, and I look forward to getting my teeth into the Ground side of things.