Varcan Cluster in Flames

This is a bit of fluff I wrote to justify my Imperial Guard & Grey Knights double teaming someone in Apocalypse. Admittedly that would be a 10k (ish) game on each side, and if we ever get it setup to play then the Battle Report and pictures will definatly appear here. Any feedback, mistakes or comments are more than welcome. Enjoy the story!

The war was raging, from one side of the star cluster to the other. Rebellions, Xenos invaisions and demonic incursions were becoming more and more common. Seemingly random attacks on random planets began to shift the whole cluster inexorably towards chaos and the brink of oblivion.

Only there was a pattern. Inquisitor Jachem had been plotting the attacks, mapping where they happened and when, and then how long between them. His information was as accurate as he could get it, his spies and watchers reporting everything.

The pattern wasn’t what he expected. He expected to find several enemy forces prowling the Cluster causing the problems. Instead he found something quite different.


Natrenia had fallen from the hands of the Imperium… and two years ago the Astronomican had detected a huge Psychic impulse from the planet. Two hours for the Astronomican to isolate the Star cluster it came from, another 24 hours to confirm the planets location, and then 716 days, 15 hours and 20 minutes for the report to reach Jachem.

Jachem shook his head ruefully. The problems with the Imperium, galaxy spanning as it was. Information always took time to arrive. Sometimes too much time. In this case… well in this case he had the information… now what to do with it.

He sat back in his chair, focussing instead on the jet black of his suit of Terminator armour. He displayed it in his office, for all who came to him to see. A reminder… a reminder that as an Inquisitor he may spend a lot of his time in the shadows, but when the time came he would go to war.

I had been nigh on 20 years since his last War… quite an achievement given the current turmoil in the cluster itself. Oh he had been in skirmishes… a renegade inquisitor had cost him is right eye a decade ago. The bionic replacement served him well.

Right now he felt every one of is 96 years… a lifetime of commitment to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man had drained him of much of his strength. Hopefully now he would have the strength to do what must.

When he looked back at his report, he re-read it. Two years ago a Psychic pulse had erupted from Natrenia. It formed an even expanding sphere from the planet, and according to the Astronomican its expansion was not even. It expanded faster towards the Eye, and the Maelstrom, every planet it touched would soon be engulfed in war. Be it a rebellion or invaision. No planet had more than a months peace after the impulse washed over it.

The report also confirmed Jachem’s fears. The psyhic impulse was being powered by the planet Natrenia, or rather something on the planet. Exterminatus was authorised, as if an inquisitor needed the authorisation of the High lords of Terra, but advised against. The scant information he had gleaned and that the Astronomican had found was that destroying the planet may result in the Impulse increasing in speed and intensity before it fizzled out.

Up until now it had been passing through a relatively unpopulated area in space. But soon on the Maelstrom front it would hit several systems with large populations of Hive Worlds and a Forgeworld. It had to be stopped.

Jachem knew he could muster a force to travel to Natrenia, the Methelas Marines would be able to give him several regiments at his request, but he was not sure it would be enough. He knew there was a Brotherhood operating within the cluster… several perhaps, but definitely one.

He could commandeer it with his Authority, but to find it would take time. Time to contact Titan, time to get a response with their location and communication details. Time Jachem did not have.

As a member of the Ordo Malleus he should have been one of the Inquisitors that used the Grey Knights the most. He hadn’t because the constant need to memory wipe those who encountered them, and the high mortality rate of those memory wipes caused him problems. In his youth he had utilised the Grey Knights almost exclusively… except that as time passed he found he was losing touch with Humanity. He could no longer read humans, judge their reactions as well as he had to. From then on he had limited his use of them, and had not been in touch with Titan in over 40 years.

No, to find the Brotherhood he would have to resort to the less savoury methods. When he had first joined the Inquisition he had been part of a close friendship. Three inquisitors. Unfortunately for them they had each believed in a different way of serving the Imperium.

Naaman had chosen the use of Xenos techniolgy and contact with Alien races to further advance humankind. Naaman always had a level head… knew what he was doing. Why he had chosen the path he had was beyond Jachem… but he knew that Naaman utilised the Grey Knights so he was one possible quick route to the Brotherhood.

The other option filled Jachems mouth with bile. Although several attempts had been made to declare Inquisitor Haylon Hereticus they had all failed. Somewhere Haylon had powerful patrons. Haylon also used the Grey Knights so could potentially have a Brotherhood at his command and within contact. Working with him filled Jachem with disgust, but work with him he would, for the Imperiums sake, and for Old Times sake.

The three of them had once been close, hopefully that would mean something to Naaman and Haylon when they receive his comms. He may not want to admit it, but Jachem knew he needed them… needed them to stop whatever was happening on Natrenia.

Decided he pulled up his comms pad, he had some requests to write, not just the Naaman and Haylon… but to the Methelas Marines as one way or another he would need their man power.