On the Horizon

A New Army and Clearing out the Old.

Ok… so like the rest of the gaming world I am all abuzz with the Grey Knights, whether it be for them or against them I am pretty sure everyone has an opinion.

My one is that they will be a gorgeous looking army that if used correctly can be very overpowered, with the ability to build some awesome army themes.

To that end I have placed a huge order for the Grey Knight models themselves… I am looking forward to getting them.

Although a brand new army does mean out with the old models I have. I have elected to keep my Deathwing list, but have had to clear out my Undead, Tyranids, Chaos Warriors & Space Marines… with luck these model sales along with my Birthday should bring in enough money for a decent sized Grey Knight force.

My favourite model so far… the Dread Knight.

My new army will have the following models, with more to follow (I am sure):

20 Grey Knights
20 Grey Knight Terminators
2 Dread Knights
Lord Draigo (just love the model)

Pictures and painting will follow. I am currently in the process of repainting two Dreadnoughts and a Landraider to Grey Knight colours. It looks like I am finally letting go of the Sons of the Lion.

I also thought I would include a couple of links to Blogs I have been following regarding their Grey Knight content as they have certainly been giving me idea's and inspiration while I await my models and codex!

Hero's Gaming
Imperius Dominatus

2000 Points of Guard - Not a Vet in sight!

I was reading Bell of lost souls the other day and noticed the article regarding rethinking your codex.
Under the section for Imperial Guard the point was raised was that lots of people use Veteran Squads.

Now I have fallen into this trap, and if you look back through my lists I am sure you will see plenty of evidence regarding this. My Air Cav force was entirely Veterans mounted in Vendettas & Valks.

However my Doubles list worked very well with an Infantry Platoon. Now I have been challenged to a 2000 point game this Friday, so I figure I will take the 750 point list from my Doubles and build on that to a 2000 point army.

It has a good solid core.

Company Command Squad, 4 x Meltaguns

Sly Marbo

Infantry Platoon
Infantry Command Squad: 4 x Flamers
Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher
Heavy Weapons Team: 3 x Lascannon


The list above is just under 750 points (there are some meltabombs I have taken out now).

The Company Command squad is either a suicide squad for dealing with Tanks, or a counter charge unit, in that it helps kill whatever killed one of my units (4 Melta shots are always nice). Not sure this is the best use for some powerful orders in a 2000 point game so this unit might change.

Sly Marbo – Well he’s awesome and Annoying for my opponent, never leave home without him.

Infantry Platoon: This is my standard platoon, 3 Heavy Weapons to receive orders and do some damage, 3 Scoring 10 man squads, and a 5 man unit with 4 Flamers for counter charging.

Vendettas – Well they are kinda neat aren’t they… against the mech heavy world we play in they always seem to do their points or more.

Ok so this comes to a total of 735 points, leaving me 1265 points to add to it.

First things first, lets start at the top of Organisation chart and work our way down.

I am going to revisit my Company Command Squad. At the moment I have them as a BS4 Meltagun unit, which isn’t a bad thing in 750 points, but they have a lot of potential when you have more units for them to give orders too.

One of the units that I most want to get my Orders off on are the Heavy Weapons teams, they are only Ld7 with no option to reroll. To get past this I have two options. The first is to take a Lord Commissar, who has a 6”, Ld10 bubble, which is bound to help them pass.

The second is to upgrade my Company Command Squad to include Colour Sergeant Kell. His special rule allows the unit you are giving orders to take it on the Ld of the model giving the order. For a Company commander this is Ld9… far better options I think.

So he costs a mere 85 points (more than the Squad itself does naked but hey you pay for what you get!)

With him being a Key part of my plan, I decided that squad should also have a little extra survivability, so I added in a Medi-Pack and 2 Bodyguards for wound allocation tricks. Throw in 2 Plasma Guns (as the Medi Pack helps a lot here) and we will call the unit done, all for a mere 225 points.

So with that done, that’s my HQ’s sorted out.

Moving down the list we get to Elites… I have Sly Marbo… why would I need more?

After Elites we hit the troops.

Now I have two options here. I can either add another Infantry Platoon for a minimum of 130 points that is worth 2 Kill Points (due to combined squad) or I can add a Veteran squad for a around the same cost or less which is worth only 1 Kill Point.

In line with me not using Veteran Squads, I have elected to use the first option with an Infantry Platoon, this increases my scoring units quite nicely and gives me some decent options for overwhelming firepower.

This second Infantry Platoon will fulfil the roll of Anti Tank for me, so that means Autocannons, Meltas etc.

I also want to add in another Heavy Weapons Squad to help deal with Armour, and potentially Horde units.

So after a quick rethink… my Platoons change to this:

1st Infantry Platoon:
Infantry Command Squad: 4 x Meltaguns
Infantry Squad 1: Autocannon, Grenade Launcher, Commissar
Infantry Squad 2: Autocannon
1st Heavy Weapons Team: 3 Lascannons
2nd Heavy Weapons Team: 3 Rocket Launchers

2nd Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad: 4 x Flamer
Infantry Squad 1: Grenade Launcher, Commissar
Infantry Squad 2: Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad 3: Grenade Launcher

This gives me a Squad I can Sacrifice to take out a Tank which only costs 70 points.

In addition to an entire Platoon that is dedicated to killing armour of some description.

The second group is full of models that will advance on the enemy, to take their positions… they are Guardsmen so 30 of them should be sort of alright for taking one Objective.

Next up we hit the Fast Attack Options. This for me is really easy, I won six models for this Force choice, and normally use 3 of them. Two Vendettas as per the Doubles list, and a Valk for fast deployment of my Melta or Flamers (depending on the game and opponent) and Pie Plates for extra damage.

In Heavy Support I have tried for something a little different… I am using all three Slots which I rarely do for my Guard.

Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Demolisher Squadron, 2 Demolishers.

A fair chunk of my points are sunk into these slots, but equally it will draw fire from Vendettas & Valks, and if you do decide to ignore them, it is 3 STR10, AP2 Pie Plates at 24” and 1 STR8 AP3 at 72”… not to be laughed at methinks.

That brings me in to a total of 2000 points exactly... and an army I can't wait to try out!

So over all I have a fair number of things for dealing with Mech, Horde. I might struggle against an MSU army, but that will have to be seen.

Pretty happy with this 2k list, any feedback for me, or flaws in my logic, drop me a line.

Trollbloods - working towards victory!

Well so far, the Trollbloods have taken to the field 3 times, and lost twice and won once.

My army list for these games has been:

Earthborn Dire Troll
Troll Axer
Troll Impaler

Total: 15 Points

It’s a fairly decent list with all the elements that I like, mainly warbeasts. Not a big fan of Units although I do have a list ready to go with a unit built into it.

I am also debating picking up Doomshaper as another Warlock choice, partly for the increased command range (14” instead of 10”).

In all three games I got some simple things wrong.

In one game I forgot to rile a Warbeast and didn’t have a enough Fury for the following turn.

In two games now I have charged by Earthborn Dire Troll out of my Warlocks control range meaning I only got my initial attacks, which half killed the target… so with an extra 4 fury (1 was used for the charge) then I would have almost certainly killed the target.

In the first two the mistakes cost me the game, in the third my opponent fluffed his attack rolls (needing a 9 on 3 dice, rolled 4 times and failing 3 times) which meant the Earthborn being out of command and not being forced wasn’t that bad, however if those rolls had gone better I would have struggled.

On the flip side I have got things right as well.

The Earthborn has a base movement of 5”.

I have managed to get him a 12” charge, through buffing him with Rush (+2”), Elemental Communion (+2” if within 2” of Water) and Charge (+3”).

This type of charge keeps taking my opponent by surprise and that is nothing but a good thing. The down side is that as my Warlock rarely starts infront of the Earthborn he is charging out of my control range and is therefore unable to be forced.

The Impalers are doing well for me, with them being a good source of Fury if needed, as they normally only use 2, one for boosting to hit and one for damage. I always boost the hit roll on the chance of getting a Critical and slamming the model and knocking it down, this works really well to help my other trolls in combat when it is knocked over.

The Axer has proved useful as well, managing to wreak havoc with his thresher attack while near units.

Overall pretty happy with how its going… just need more models painting!

Doubles 2011 - Game 3

This game was against a Space Wolf & Blood Angel list.

This time we got absolutely no pictures... although the battle report is relatively detailed so I am beginning to think it is a trade off... pictures or a battle report... apologies, and Game 4 definately has pictures! I checked and everything!

While it wasn’t a strict Multiple Small Unit army as it had a couple of Larger Assault squads, it was basically a list we were built to take to pieces.

Our enemy army was:

Blood Angels:
7 Assault Marines, Flamer & Meltagun
7 Assault Marines, Flamer & Meltagun
2 Sanquinary Priests with Jump Packs
Chaplin with Jump Pack
Baal Predator with Flame Cannon

Space Wolves:
Long Fang Squad: 5 x Rockets
Lone Wolf Thunder Hammer & Stormshield
6 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun in Razorback w/ Twin Lascannons
9 Blood Claws in Rhino
Rune Priest with Living Lightning & Murderous Hurricane.

It was Dawn of War and Capture and Control, one of the worst combos you can play in my opinion, however it worked in our favour.

They deployed nothing on the board, and I deployed my Heavy Weapons Team, 1 Infantry squad and my Command Squad.

They kept the entire Blood Angel force in reserve with the Baal Outflanking.

Turn 1:
Our army trundled onto the Battelfield in Turn 1 to take up positions, there forces did pretty much the same, a quick turn 1 with no shooting or damage on either side.

Our Drop pod came down near their objective on the left flank.

Turn 2:
In our opening turn of full fire we killed the Razorback, and 3 of the Hunters inside. We stunned their Landspeeder with a Grenade Launcher shot, and then slaughtered 4 Long Fangs with our Long Fang shots.

In their Turn 2 they had their Assault squad, Priest and Chaplin turn up in front of two of our Longfang squads, their shooting killed 2 Long Fangs who broke, but didn’t run off the board.

Turn 3:
This turn our Grey Hunters advanced on the left and wiped out the remaining 3 enemy Grey Hunters.

The Assault squad, and all its men and Characters died to the combined fire from 3 Long Fang Squads, 1 Infantry Squad, 1 Infantry Command squad with 4 Flamers, Company Command Squad.

We also killed their Bloodclaws rhino and took a wound from the Lone Wolf.

Their Turn 3 resulted in their Second Assault squad turning up on their objective and opening fire on the Grey Hunters, killing 1. The Lone Wolf, Rune Priest and Blood Claws charge and massacre my most advanced forward Infantry Squad (no surprises there), they also killed one of my Vendettas this turn.

Turn 4:
Sly Arrives, and puts himself in the woods next to their objective, within 6” of the centre of their nicely packed Assault Squad. His Demo charge hits all 8 & kills 6 of them, including the Priest, and the Grey Hunters shooting finishes off the remaining 1.

The Blood Claws and Rune Priest are then wiped out by our massed firepower, leaving only the Lone Wolf threatening our right flank.

In their Turn the Lone Wolf charged our Longfang squad, who lose combat but do not flee. Their Baal also turned up and toasted some of my right flank Infantry squad.

Turn 5:
The last enemy Long Fang died to shooting, as did their Lone Wolf after our Rune Priest charged into it in combat.

In their turn their Baal flames the same Infantry squad who again do not flee, but are running out of men now.

The game ends with us 2 Objectives to 0.

Overall a devastating victory for us. There is a but…

Our opponent had initially questioned our list at the beginning of the game, stating we did not have enough Elites to field our 3 Long Fangs. Our response was that those were last years rules, and we pointed to the rules section in the Info pack, at which point they left it as it was.

After the match they went to hand in our results and questioned the list again, whereby the judge confirmed that our list was in fact illegal as we did not have enough Elites.

Our response was simply… here is the rules pack you sent us… we followed this. We then found that they had Erratta’d it and emailed it out to people, although we hadn’t received it. Furthermore Tom had actually emailed GW asking if our list was legal to which we had no response.

The end result… our opponents got the win and Victory points we took from them, and as they spoke nicely to the judges (so did we) we kept them as well. We were more than happy to sacrifice our Victories in all the previous games as the list was wrong, but the judges said to not worry about it and carry on.

Now for my rant (yup sorry but it was gonna happen).

The judges when we signed in could have simply said “Did you know that the rulespack was Errata’d?” to which we would have said no and changed our list on the spot (dropping the Terminator armour on the Rune Priest for a Lone Wolf.. a straight swap).

Had our Opponents had the balls to do what he did at the end of the game at the beginning we would have changed it prior to playing them…. And honestly losing the Terminator armour and gaining a Lone Wolf… it wouldn’t have helped them at all in how soundly we smacked their army around.

The reason they didnt was because they 'didn't want to ruin our tournament' however they did that as it took all the joy out of our victory (I am not saying they shouldn't have questioned it), had they done it before had we would have made the change, and probably still won as it was such a small tweak that was needed.

It made our day end on a bit of a low actually as we were both very annoyed at the GW oversight as we spent months planning our army. In future we will ask prior to submitting our lists but even so it was very annoying.

Rant over (I know you are glad it has ended).

So what did we change? Well we went away sat down and changed our list so that it was legal for the last three games. The Chooser of the Slain and one Grey Hunter were dropped for a Lone Wolf with Melta bombs.

In Analysis of the game… their army was the exact type of list we built ours to counter, and we did it perfectly. We didn’t even really roll above average, just on average and they had less luck, but when being force to make 4+ Invuls all the time or hoping for our shooting to miss it was never going to go well for them.

Doubles 2011 – Game 2.

This game saw us matched up against a Dual Ork list… not something I was too concerned about at the beginning of this game, as I figured we had the firepower to thin them out pretty early in.

Not many pictures as we were too engrossed in the game to think of that... apologies to you all!

This game was perhaps one of the most enjoyable ones we played in… along with being one of the tightest matches I have had the pleasure of playing.

We won the roll to go first and this certainly helped! Our mission was Spearhead and Kill Points… a tough one against the large units of Orks we were against.

Turn 1

Our Drop Pod arrived with the Rune Priest & Grey Hunters, their opening torrent of fire forced the Stormboyz to go to ground, that in addition to killing several Tankbustas that were hunkering down in cover.

On the their turn they charged the Hunters & Rune Priest with a unit of Boyz, they lost combat but did not break, the Drop Pod was killed in their shooting phase.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 0
Orks: 1

Turn 2
Sly Marbo arrived… however for the first time ever I forgot to drop his Demo charge.

Our Shooting was more effective as we killed the Zzap Gun and the Tankbustas, getting our first kill points on the board.

They had their looted Wagon & Trukk with their Warboss arrive this turn. The looted Wagon killed all but 2 long Fangs in the squad it shot at. Fortunately they didn’t break.

Sly was killed by the sheer volume of fire from the Boyz.

In the combat phase they killed all the Grey Hunters & broke the Rune Priest, however were unable to hold them in combat as they failed to catch them. The Stormboyz charged the Vendetta and prevent it from shooting next turn.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 2

Orks: 3

Turn 3
In our turn we killed the Loot Wagon, Trukk & Stormboyz all with shooting while back peddling our men as far from them as possible.

Their Deffkopta’s arrived and stun the other Vendetta.

Their response was to kill the Rune Priest by shooting, while the Weird Boy made their Boyz teleport to where the Stormboyz die. The shooting they did killed the remaining 2 Longfangs from that unit.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 5
Orks: 5

Turn 4
At this point we knew that Turn 4 was going to be our last turn. The Vendetta that was stunned Turbo boosted away from the Kopta’s.

Our return fire killed the Deffkoptas and the Ardboyz which were charging in at us.

In their turn our opponents knew they were 2 kill points behind… but when the dice roll well… the Weird Boy got Waagh as his spell, which gave him and his unit a 6” fleet… they get then got 6” on their difficult terrain test to triple charge our Vendetta, 30 man Combined Squad and 2 Longfangs in one brutal round of combat.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 7
Orks: 8

In Analysis:

Well if I had a Commissar in the Combined squad I would have got a Ld9 rerollable break check which would have meant us drawing 7-7 instead of losing 7-8.

Other than that Sly dropping his Demo Charge on the Stormboyz would have helped a lot too.

t also highlighted the problems we have dealing with horde Armies.

The game was excruciatingly close, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Methelas Imperial Guard - So Far

Every so often I get Crazy ideas in my head... I think it comes with being a wargamer.

So my crazy idea the other night was to figure out just how many points of Guard I had... I didn't expect a stupid number, and I did go out of my way to beef up some of the units.

Anyways here is a list of my actual army... so far.


Company Command Squad: Creed, 3 Sniper Rifles, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance, 2 Bodyguards, Vox Caster, Chimera.

Lord Commisar, Carapace Armour, Camo Cloak, Meltabombs & Power Fist.

Primaris Psyker


Guardsmen Marbo

Ratlings (5)


Veteran Squad, Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 3 x Grenade Launchers, Demolitions Doctrine.

Veteran Squad, Sergeant Bastonne, 3 x Grenad Launchers, Demolitions & Grenadiers Doctrine, Chimera w/ Dozerblade & Extra Armour.

1st Infantry Platoon:
Command Squad; Lieutenant w/ Plasma Pistol, 3 Plasma Guns, Medi-Pack.
Infantry Squad 1: Commissar, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster
Infantry Squad 2: Commissar, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster
Infantry Squad 3: Commissar, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster
Infantry Squad 4: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster
Infantry Squad 5: Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster
Heavy Weapons Squad 1: 3 x Mortars
Heavy Weapons Squad 2: 3 x Autocannons
Heavy Weapons Squad 3: 3 x Rocket Launchers
Heavy Weapons Squad 4: 3 x Rocket Launchers
Heavy Weapons Squad 5: 3 x Lascannons
Special Weapons Team 1: 3 x Flamers
Special Weapons Team 2: 3 x Flamers

Fast Attack:




Valkyrie w/Mutliple Rocket Pods

Valkyrie w/Mutliple Rocket Pods

Valkyrie w/Mutliple Rocket Pods

Heavy Support:

Leman Russ Battle Tank, w/Heavy Bolter Sponsors

Leman Russ Demolisher

Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Executioner

Super Heavies



This all comes in at 4710 points. Not too bad all things considered... now I just need to figure out an opponent, and what to get next!

Doubles Tournament 2011 Game 1

Our first game at the doubles tournament was against an Imperial Guard & Chaos Space Marines combination. Our opponents were Craig & Rob.

Neither Craig nor Rob had used the list before, and that was a big help to us.

The mission was Capture and Control (the dreaded Draw scenario) and Pitched Battle.

Their list was:

Chaos Space Marines
Daemon Prince, Mark of Slannesh, Wings, Lash
10 Khorne Beserkers with a Rhino.
2 Obliterators
5 Terminators

Imperial Guard
Company Command Squad, Chimera, Lascannon, 2 x Meltaguns
Veterans, 3 x Plasma Guns, Lascannon, Chimera
Veterans, 3 x Meltaguns, Lascannon, Chimera
2 Scount Sentinels
Leman Russ Battle Tank

We won the roll, and despite it being an objective based mission elected to go first. We had our objective in the middle of the board in a forest, and surrounded it with the Company Command Squad, Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team and one unit of Infantry.

The Second and third Infantry squads setup in the Vendettas, with the Infantry Command Squad hiding behind a hill.

The Long Fangs setup in a wood on our left, far right and center of the board, with the Rune Priest joining the unit of the left. The Grey Hunters stayed in reserve in the Drop Pod.

Their Objective was place in a wood on the far left hand side of their board, behind the wood they had their Company Command Squads Chimera, and the Plasma Vets Chimera. The Plasma Veterans themselves setup in the Woods on the Objective.

The Damon Prince setup in the middle of the Board, opposite our objective, behind the Khorne Besrkers Rhion.

On the right they setup their Melta Vet's Chimera and on the far right their Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Their Scout Sentinels decided to Outflank, their Obliterators and Chaos Terminators were held in reserve to Deep Strike in.

Turn 1:
The Vendettas both Scounted 24" to get the cover save and our opponents either did not decide to sieze the initiative or failed the roll, so we got our first turn.

Our movement was minimal, with the Drop Pod coming down on the left in front of the forest and the Plasma Vets.

Our first turn of Shooting really paved the way for us though. The Grey Hunters opened up on the Plasma Vet squad, killing enough to cause them to panic and flee towards their board edge, although not enough to run off (boo!).

The Rhino was taken out with the first thing that shot it, and we then proceeded to kill the Daemon Prince. The Chimera with the Melta vets on the right was stunned.

In their turn, the Plasma Vets rallied and consolodated back into the woods, ready to take out some revenge on the Grey Hunters.

On the far left the Battle Tank shot at the Vendetta on our right flank and immobilised it, the Plasma Vet's, Company Command squad and both Chimera's opened up on the Grey Hunters, killing 4 and they promptly failed their break check.

Turn 2:
With the arrival of our Turn 2 we also had Sly Marbo turn up, I placed him next to our objective in the woods ready to throw his demo charge at any deep striking terminators... he was really there as a deterrent as I did not want them deepstriking anywhere near our objective.

The Grey Hunters rallied, and moved back to the edge of the woods. My Vendetta on the left advanced forward 6" ready to get some more shooting off with all Lascannons and to make a dash for their objective.

Our shooting this turn was very effective once again, the Plasma Vet's were wiped out on the left flank (1 troop choice down, 2 to go!), and the Chimera with the Meltagun Veterans was destroyed, exploded and pinned the unit!

We also poured fire into the Beserkers who were advancing on our objective and felled several, leaving them all alone in the woods, with around 5 models left.

In their Turn 2, their Scount Sentinels arrived on our right flank next to the Long Fangs over there. Their shooting killed two of them, however they didnt break.

The Company Command Squad and Chimera's account for the remaining Grey Hunters (Yes the saves did not go with us), and the Drop Pod that was over there.

The Battle Tank took a pot shot at Sly Marbo but failed to cause any problems.

Turn 3:
It all gets a bit more foggy here as our focus was on the game not making notes. However in this turn we started pouring firepower into the two Chimera's behind their objective (although they didnt have a troop there) and managed to do diddly squat to them.

My Vendetta went flat out next to the Woods to gain a cover save and get an infantry squad next to the objective. We killed the last of the Khorne beserkers in the centre of the board, leaving them only one troop choice (that was half a board away from their objective, and not willing to advance into our firepower for ours).

Their Turn 3 saw the arrival of their Terminators, who scattered too far away to shoot anything this turn. Their Company command squad shot their lascannon at the Vendetta but failed to hurt it, while the Battle Tank took a shot at Sly Marbo again and failed to hurt him again.

Their Scout sentinels also charged the Long Fangs and neither side got any casualties with Tom electing to just hit them with their normal Str 4 attacks.

Turn 4:
In our turn 4, my Vendetta disgorged its troops next to their objective ready to try and claim it, the Vendetta reversed course to get some shots at the Terminators. The Rune Priest had also advanced far enough forward to hit them with Murderous Hurricane as well.

All of our shooting (that was AP2 or better, or not Anti Tank) focussed on the Terminators wiping them out, while the rest of our Rockets tried again and again to take out the Chimeras behind their objective, while we managed to stun them that was it, no further damage was caused.

The combat with the Scout Sentinels was once again a duff as we caused no wounds on either side, although at the end of this round Tom did decide to use Krak Grenades next time (even requiring 6's to hit).

On their Turn 4, their Obliterators turned up, although their shooting was only enough to immobilise my second Vendetta.

Turn 5+
The game moved along from here, with use Vainly trying to hurt the Chimeras that were contesting their objective, however we ended up killing the Obliterators but not much else. The Battle Tank itself did not actually take one shot from us all game, as our priorities were killing their Troop Choices.

The end result...

We won 1-0 on objectives, and we got 996 Victory Points and only gave our opponents 305! An excellent start to the tournament!

The army itself was beautifully modelled (as you can see from the pictures) with the entire Guard force using Hover Tanks... below is a shot they let us take of the Basilisk.

February's Games

So a week or twos break out of the way (I just needed to clear me head from Gaming after the tournament) and I figured best to get last months games posted.

In total I got 9 games of 40K played, 8 Doubles games and one 1500 point game.

Overall I came out with 5 wins and 4 losses, so slightly ahead I guess lol, although all the games were enjoyable which is the main thing.

Doubles Forces (Imperial Guard & Space Wolves)

vs Salamanders, Pitched Battle, Kill Points, Loss
vs Salamanders, Picthed Battle, Capture and Control, Win

vs Imperial Guard & Chaos Space Marines, Capture and Control, 1-0 Victory
vs Orks & Orks, Kill Points, 8-7 Loss
vs Blood Angels & Space Wolves, Sieze Ground, 2-0 Victory
vs Orks & Imperial Guard, Kill Points, 9-4 Victory
vs Blood Angels & Ravenguard, Sieze Ground, 2-1 Victory
vs Dark Angels & Space Wovles, Capture & Control, 0-2 Loss

1500 Points

vs Space Wolves, Capture & Control, 0-1 Loss

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