February's Games

So a week or twos break out of the way (I just needed to clear me head from Gaming after the tournament) and I figured best to get last months games posted.

In total I got 9 games of 40K played, 8 Doubles games and one 1500 point game.

Overall I came out with 5 wins and 4 losses, so slightly ahead I guess lol, although all the games were enjoyable which is the main thing.

Doubles Forces (Imperial Guard & Space Wolves)

vs Salamanders, Pitched Battle, Kill Points, Loss
vs Salamanders, Picthed Battle, Capture and Control, Win

vs Imperial Guard & Chaos Space Marines, Capture and Control, 1-0 Victory
vs Orks & Orks, Kill Points, 8-7 Loss
vs Blood Angels & Space Wolves, Sieze Ground, 2-0 Victory
vs Orks & Imperial Guard, Kill Points, 9-4 Victory
vs Blood Angels & Ravenguard, Sieze Ground, 2-1 Victory
vs Dark Angels & Space Wovles, Capture & Control, 0-2 Loss

1500 Points

vs Space Wolves, Capture & Control, 0-1 Loss


RTGamer said…
That's a lot of games. Nice work on the positive win record for the month!
Kraggi said…
Thanks RT, now to figure out a 1500 point list for the Throne of Skulls in July.... my last two have failed miserably (although today I had some terrible luck).