Doubles 2011 - Game 3

This game was against a Space Wolf & Blood Angel list.

This time we got absolutely no pictures... although the battle report is relatively detailed so I am beginning to think it is a trade off... pictures or a battle report... apologies, and Game 4 definately has pictures! I checked and everything!

While it wasn’t a strict Multiple Small Unit army as it had a couple of Larger Assault squads, it was basically a list we were built to take to pieces.

Our enemy army was:

Blood Angels:
7 Assault Marines, Flamer & Meltagun
7 Assault Marines, Flamer & Meltagun
2 Sanquinary Priests with Jump Packs
Chaplin with Jump Pack
Baal Predator with Flame Cannon

Space Wolves:
Long Fang Squad: 5 x Rockets
Lone Wolf Thunder Hammer & Stormshield
6 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun in Razorback w/ Twin Lascannons
9 Blood Claws in Rhino
Rune Priest with Living Lightning & Murderous Hurricane.

It was Dawn of War and Capture and Control, one of the worst combos you can play in my opinion, however it worked in our favour.

They deployed nothing on the board, and I deployed my Heavy Weapons Team, 1 Infantry squad and my Command Squad.

They kept the entire Blood Angel force in reserve with the Baal Outflanking.

Turn 1:
Our army trundled onto the Battelfield in Turn 1 to take up positions, there forces did pretty much the same, a quick turn 1 with no shooting or damage on either side.

Our Drop pod came down near their objective on the left flank.

Turn 2:
In our opening turn of full fire we killed the Razorback, and 3 of the Hunters inside. We stunned their Landspeeder with a Grenade Launcher shot, and then slaughtered 4 Long Fangs with our Long Fang shots.

In their Turn 2 they had their Assault squad, Priest and Chaplin turn up in front of two of our Longfang squads, their shooting killed 2 Long Fangs who broke, but didn’t run off the board.

Turn 3:
This turn our Grey Hunters advanced on the left and wiped out the remaining 3 enemy Grey Hunters.

The Assault squad, and all its men and Characters died to the combined fire from 3 Long Fang Squads, 1 Infantry Squad, 1 Infantry Command squad with 4 Flamers, Company Command Squad.

We also killed their Bloodclaws rhino and took a wound from the Lone Wolf.

Their Turn 3 resulted in their Second Assault squad turning up on their objective and opening fire on the Grey Hunters, killing 1. The Lone Wolf, Rune Priest and Blood Claws charge and massacre my most advanced forward Infantry Squad (no surprises there), they also killed one of my Vendettas this turn.

Turn 4:
Sly Arrives, and puts himself in the woods next to their objective, within 6” of the centre of their nicely packed Assault Squad. His Demo charge hits all 8 & kills 6 of them, including the Priest, and the Grey Hunters shooting finishes off the remaining 1.

The Blood Claws and Rune Priest are then wiped out by our massed firepower, leaving only the Lone Wolf threatening our right flank.

In their Turn the Lone Wolf charged our Longfang squad, who lose combat but do not flee. Their Baal also turned up and toasted some of my right flank Infantry squad.

Turn 5:
The last enemy Long Fang died to shooting, as did their Lone Wolf after our Rune Priest charged into it in combat.

In their turn their Baal flames the same Infantry squad who again do not flee, but are running out of men now.

The game ends with us 2 Objectives to 0.

Overall a devastating victory for us. There is a but…

Our opponent had initially questioned our list at the beginning of the game, stating we did not have enough Elites to field our 3 Long Fangs. Our response was that those were last years rules, and we pointed to the rules section in the Info pack, at which point they left it as it was.

After the match they went to hand in our results and questioned the list again, whereby the judge confirmed that our list was in fact illegal as we did not have enough Elites.

Our response was simply… here is the rules pack you sent us… we followed this. We then found that they had Erratta’d it and emailed it out to people, although we hadn’t received it. Furthermore Tom had actually emailed GW asking if our list was legal to which we had no response.

The end result… our opponents got the win and Victory points we took from them, and as they spoke nicely to the judges (so did we) we kept them as well. We were more than happy to sacrifice our Victories in all the previous games as the list was wrong, but the judges said to not worry about it and carry on.

Now for my rant (yup sorry but it was gonna happen).

The judges when we signed in could have simply said “Did you know that the rulespack was Errata’d?” to which we would have said no and changed our list on the spot (dropping the Terminator armour on the Rune Priest for a Lone Wolf.. a straight swap).

Had our Opponents had the balls to do what he did at the end of the game at the beginning we would have changed it prior to playing them…. And honestly losing the Terminator armour and gaining a Lone Wolf… it wouldn’t have helped them at all in how soundly we smacked their army around.

The reason they didnt was because they 'didn't want to ruin our tournament' however they did that as it took all the joy out of our victory (I am not saying they shouldn't have questioned it), had they done it before had we would have made the change, and probably still won as it was such a small tweak that was needed.

It made our day end on a bit of a low actually as we were both very annoyed at the GW oversight as we spent months planning our army. In future we will ask prior to submitting our lists but even so it was very annoying.

Rant over (I know you are glad it has ended).

So what did we change? Well we went away sat down and changed our list so that it was legal for the last three games. The Chooser of the Slain and one Grey Hunter were dropped for a Lone Wolf with Melta bombs.

In Analysis of the game… their army was the exact type of list we built ours to counter, and we did it perfectly. We didn’t even really roll above average, just on average and they had less luck, but when being force to make 4+ Invuls all the time or hoping for our shooting to miss it was never going to go well for them.


gundog8324 said…
The BA had an illegal ist it is 1 special weapon per 5 men in the squad
Kraggi said…
Hmmm... there is always a chance I wrote down the wrong equipment, as we never got a copy of their army list (unless Tom jumps in saying he is hoarding it).

I would hope that it is simply a typo on my part, rather than a mistake on theirs as other than my issues (about the before or after thing) they were good opponents during the game, and we were certainly the rock to their scissors.
Tom said…
Nope don't have their list at all - although seeing what they did at the next game, (they were on the table next to us), i.e. deploying their Sanguinary Priests with the 2 troop choices in a Dawn of War scenario, doesn't fill me with confidence in them!!
As a comment on Johns rant - whilst I was really annoyed at GW for not advising that there had been an FAQ I was annoyed with myself as well for not double checking when we arrived. I wasn't angry with our opponents at all just with myself and even went so far as to say to the GW guys on the spot that if we won a prize of any kind I didn't want it as I felt it wouldn't have been fair. Having said that I'm looking at the list for another of our opponents and they must have been the same as us with just one elite and 3 heavy supports!
Kraggi said…
True... most of my annoyance should be directed GW... and it is, I just ended up a bit upset with 1 (and only 1) of our opponents. Mainly for what I felt was a false apology and sympathies... as he had a face like thunder as we tabled him, then got to go an ignore the whole result. Ah well.
Tom said…
Yep he was a bit of a bulls**t merchant, but hey ho you meet all sorts. To be honest 6 games at a very competitive level and he was the only not good, (I was going to say bad but he wasn't good enough to be bad if you know what I mean), thing there.