Trollbloods - working towards victory!

Well so far, the Trollbloods have taken to the field 3 times, and lost twice and won once.

My army list for these games has been:

Earthborn Dire Troll
Troll Axer
Troll Impaler

Total: 15 Points

It’s a fairly decent list with all the elements that I like, mainly warbeasts. Not a big fan of Units although I do have a list ready to go with a unit built into it.

I am also debating picking up Doomshaper as another Warlock choice, partly for the increased command range (14” instead of 10”).

In all three games I got some simple things wrong.

In one game I forgot to rile a Warbeast and didn’t have a enough Fury for the following turn.

In two games now I have charged by Earthborn Dire Troll out of my Warlocks control range meaning I only got my initial attacks, which half killed the target… so with an extra 4 fury (1 was used for the charge) then I would have almost certainly killed the target.

In the first two the mistakes cost me the game, in the third my opponent fluffed his attack rolls (needing a 9 on 3 dice, rolled 4 times and failing 3 times) which meant the Earthborn being out of command and not being forced wasn’t that bad, however if those rolls had gone better I would have struggled.

On the flip side I have got things right as well.

The Earthborn has a base movement of 5”.

I have managed to get him a 12” charge, through buffing him with Rush (+2”), Elemental Communion (+2” if within 2” of Water) and Charge (+3”).

This type of charge keeps taking my opponent by surprise and that is nothing but a good thing. The down side is that as my Warlock rarely starts infront of the Earthborn he is charging out of my control range and is therefore unable to be forced.

The Impalers are doing well for me, with them being a good source of Fury if needed, as they normally only use 2, one for boosting to hit and one for damage. I always boost the hit roll on the chance of getting a Critical and slamming the model and knocking it down, this works really well to help my other trolls in combat when it is knocked over.

The Axer has proved useful as well, managing to wreak havoc with his thresher attack while near units.

Overall pretty happy with how its going… just need more models painting!