Doubles 2011 – Game 2.

This game saw us matched up against a Dual Ork list… not something I was too concerned about at the beginning of this game, as I figured we had the firepower to thin them out pretty early in.

Not many pictures as we were too engrossed in the game to think of that... apologies to you all!

This game was perhaps one of the most enjoyable ones we played in… along with being one of the tightest matches I have had the pleasure of playing.

We won the roll to go first and this certainly helped! Our mission was Spearhead and Kill Points… a tough one against the large units of Orks we were against.

Turn 1

Our Drop Pod arrived with the Rune Priest & Grey Hunters, their opening torrent of fire forced the Stormboyz to go to ground, that in addition to killing several Tankbustas that were hunkering down in cover.

On the their turn they charged the Hunters & Rune Priest with a unit of Boyz, they lost combat but did not break, the Drop Pod was killed in their shooting phase.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 0
Orks: 1

Turn 2
Sly Marbo arrived… however for the first time ever I forgot to drop his Demo charge.

Our Shooting was more effective as we killed the Zzap Gun and the Tankbustas, getting our first kill points on the board.

They had their looted Wagon & Trukk with their Warboss arrive this turn. The looted Wagon killed all but 2 long Fangs in the squad it shot at. Fortunately they didn’t break.

Sly was killed by the sheer volume of fire from the Boyz.

In the combat phase they killed all the Grey Hunters & broke the Rune Priest, however were unable to hold them in combat as they failed to catch them. The Stormboyz charged the Vendetta and prevent it from shooting next turn.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 2

Orks: 3

Turn 3
In our turn we killed the Loot Wagon, Trukk & Stormboyz all with shooting while back peddling our men as far from them as possible.

Their Deffkopta’s arrived and stun the other Vendetta.

Their response was to kill the Rune Priest by shooting, while the Weird Boy made their Boyz teleport to where the Stormboyz die. The shooting they did killed the remaining 2 Longfangs from that unit.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 5
Orks: 5

Turn 4
At this point we knew that Turn 4 was going to be our last turn. The Vendetta that was stunned Turbo boosted away from the Kopta’s.

Our return fire killed the Deffkoptas and the Ardboyz which were charging in at us.

In their turn our opponents knew they were 2 kill points behind… but when the dice roll well… the Weird Boy got Waagh as his spell, which gave him and his unit a 6” fleet… they get then got 6” on their difficult terrain test to triple charge our Vendetta, 30 man Combined Squad and 2 Longfangs in one brutal round of combat.

End of the Turn Kill Points:

Space Wolves & Guard: 7
Orks: 8

In Analysis:

Well if I had a Commissar in the Combined squad I would have got a Ld9 rerollable break check which would have meant us drawing 7-7 instead of losing 7-8.

Other than that Sly dropping his Demo Charge on the Stormboyz would have helped a lot too.

t also highlighted the problems we have dealing with horde Armies.

The game was excruciatingly close, and thoroughly enjoyable.