On the Horizon

A New Army and Clearing out the Old.

Ok… so like the rest of the gaming world I am all abuzz with the Grey Knights, whether it be for them or against them I am pretty sure everyone has an opinion.

My one is that they will be a gorgeous looking army that if used correctly can be very overpowered, with the ability to build some awesome army themes.

To that end I have placed a huge order for the Grey Knight models themselves… I am looking forward to getting them.

Although a brand new army does mean out with the old models I have. I have elected to keep my Deathwing list, but have had to clear out my Undead, Tyranids, Chaos Warriors & Space Marines… with luck these model sales along with my Birthday should bring in enough money for a decent sized Grey Knight force.

My favourite model so far… the Dread Knight.

My new army will have the following models, with more to follow (I am sure):

20 Grey Knights
20 Grey Knight Terminators
2 Dread Knights
Lord Draigo (just love the model)

Pictures and painting will follow. I am currently in the process of repainting two Dreadnoughts and a Landraider to Grey Knight colours. It looks like I am finally letting go of the Sons of the Lion.

I also thought I would include a couple of links to Blogs I have been following regarding their Grey Knight content as they have certainly been giving me idea's and inspiration while I await my models and codex!

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Imperius Dominatus