Doubles Tournament 2011 Game 1

Our first game at the doubles tournament was against an Imperial Guard & Chaos Space Marines combination. Our opponents were Craig & Rob.

Neither Craig nor Rob had used the list before, and that was a big help to us.

The mission was Capture and Control (the dreaded Draw scenario) and Pitched Battle.

Their list was:

Chaos Space Marines
Daemon Prince, Mark of Slannesh, Wings, Lash
10 Khorne Beserkers with a Rhino.
2 Obliterators
5 Terminators

Imperial Guard
Company Command Squad, Chimera, Lascannon, 2 x Meltaguns
Veterans, 3 x Plasma Guns, Lascannon, Chimera
Veterans, 3 x Meltaguns, Lascannon, Chimera
2 Scount Sentinels
Leman Russ Battle Tank

We won the roll, and despite it being an objective based mission elected to go first. We had our objective in the middle of the board in a forest, and surrounded it with the Company Command Squad, Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team and one unit of Infantry.

The Second and third Infantry squads setup in the Vendettas, with the Infantry Command Squad hiding behind a hill.

The Long Fangs setup in a wood on our left, far right and center of the board, with the Rune Priest joining the unit of the left. The Grey Hunters stayed in reserve in the Drop Pod.

Their Objective was place in a wood on the far left hand side of their board, behind the wood they had their Company Command Squads Chimera, and the Plasma Vets Chimera. The Plasma Veterans themselves setup in the Woods on the Objective.

The Damon Prince setup in the middle of the Board, opposite our objective, behind the Khorne Besrkers Rhion.

On the right they setup their Melta Vet's Chimera and on the far right their Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Their Scout Sentinels decided to Outflank, their Obliterators and Chaos Terminators were held in reserve to Deep Strike in.

Turn 1:
The Vendettas both Scounted 24" to get the cover save and our opponents either did not decide to sieze the initiative or failed the roll, so we got our first turn.

Our movement was minimal, with the Drop Pod coming down on the left in front of the forest and the Plasma Vets.

Our first turn of Shooting really paved the way for us though. The Grey Hunters opened up on the Plasma Vet squad, killing enough to cause them to panic and flee towards their board edge, although not enough to run off (boo!).

The Rhino was taken out with the first thing that shot it, and we then proceeded to kill the Daemon Prince. The Chimera with the Melta vets on the right was stunned.

In their turn, the Plasma Vets rallied and consolodated back into the woods, ready to take out some revenge on the Grey Hunters.

On the far left the Battle Tank shot at the Vendetta on our right flank and immobilised it, the Plasma Vet's, Company Command squad and both Chimera's opened up on the Grey Hunters, killing 4 and they promptly failed their break check.

Turn 2:
With the arrival of our Turn 2 we also had Sly Marbo turn up, I placed him next to our objective in the woods ready to throw his demo charge at any deep striking terminators... he was really there as a deterrent as I did not want them deepstriking anywhere near our objective.

The Grey Hunters rallied, and moved back to the edge of the woods. My Vendetta on the left advanced forward 6" ready to get some more shooting off with all Lascannons and to make a dash for their objective.

Our shooting this turn was very effective once again, the Plasma Vet's were wiped out on the left flank (1 troop choice down, 2 to go!), and the Chimera with the Meltagun Veterans was destroyed, exploded and pinned the unit!

We also poured fire into the Beserkers who were advancing on our objective and felled several, leaving them all alone in the woods, with around 5 models left.

In their Turn 2, their Scount Sentinels arrived on our right flank next to the Long Fangs over there. Their shooting killed two of them, however they didnt break.

The Company Command Squad and Chimera's account for the remaining Grey Hunters (Yes the saves did not go with us), and the Drop Pod that was over there.

The Battle Tank took a pot shot at Sly Marbo but failed to cause any problems.

Turn 3:
It all gets a bit more foggy here as our focus was on the game not making notes. However in this turn we started pouring firepower into the two Chimera's behind their objective (although they didnt have a troop there) and managed to do diddly squat to them.

My Vendetta went flat out next to the Woods to gain a cover save and get an infantry squad next to the objective. We killed the last of the Khorne beserkers in the centre of the board, leaving them only one troop choice (that was half a board away from their objective, and not willing to advance into our firepower for ours).

Their Turn 3 saw the arrival of their Terminators, who scattered too far away to shoot anything this turn. Their Company command squad shot their lascannon at the Vendetta but failed to hurt it, while the Battle Tank took a shot at Sly Marbo again and failed to hurt him again.

Their Scout sentinels also charged the Long Fangs and neither side got any casualties with Tom electing to just hit them with their normal Str 4 attacks.

Turn 4:
In our turn 4, my Vendetta disgorged its troops next to their objective ready to try and claim it, the Vendetta reversed course to get some shots at the Terminators. The Rune Priest had also advanced far enough forward to hit them with Murderous Hurricane as well.

All of our shooting (that was AP2 or better, or not Anti Tank) focussed on the Terminators wiping them out, while the rest of our Rockets tried again and again to take out the Chimeras behind their objective, while we managed to stun them that was it, no further damage was caused.

The combat with the Scout Sentinels was once again a duff as we caused no wounds on either side, although at the end of this round Tom did decide to use Krak Grenades next time (even requiring 6's to hit).

On their Turn 4, their Obliterators turned up, although their shooting was only enough to immobilise my second Vendetta.

Turn 5+
The game moved along from here, with use Vainly trying to hurt the Chimeras that were contesting their objective, however we ended up killing the Obliterators but not much else. The Battle Tank itself did not actually take one shot from us all game, as our priorities were killing their Troop Choices.

The end result...

We won 1-0 on objectives, and we got 996 Victory Points and only gave our opponents 305! An excellent start to the tournament!

The army itself was beautifully modelled (as you can see from the pictures) with the entire Guard force using Hover Tanks... below is a shot they let us take of the Basilisk.


Tom said…
This was a cool game, I reckon going first had a lot to do with the victory, along with Craig and Rob not being able to roll well for reserves. Having said that I really couldn't see us losing our objective even if they had gone first and the Terminators and Oblits had turned up a turn earlier.