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Part of my time spent on the Spartan forums has meant i am trying to cultivate a bit of a Spartan Games blog roll, as you can see from the right hand side of the blog there are already a number of bloggers posting about Spartan games.

If you are interested in joining in, then feel free to post another comment at the bottom. 

All I can ask is that you add all of the other people on the blogroll below to your Blog to help spread the word! 

Below you can see some of the articles I have written out, hopefully at least a few of these will prove interesting for you.

To begin:

Informative Planetfall posts:

Planetfall Review (Part 1 & Part 2)
Picking Your Force
Picking Your Force - Allies
Sky Drop & Sky Drop Tactics

Informative Armada posts:

Campaign Ideas:

Battle Reports:

Report 1
Report 2


Below you will find links to current pictures for each of my forces & their allies, as I paint up new models I will update the links, and hopefully give some insight to the units, and anything amazingly good or bad they might accomplish in games.

Directorate - Planetfall - Armada

Aquans - Planetfall
Works Raptor - Planetfall
Teraqui - Planetfall
Terrain - Planetfall

Unboxing Posts

Aquan Heavy Helix
Aquan Recon Helix
Directorate Heavy Helix
Directorate Leviathan

Firestorm Bloggers

All Quiet on the Hobby Front 
The Waygate
Mann's Model Moments
Ski's Games
Element 270
Afterimagedan Starship Combat Blog
Fleet Signal
The Long Crusade
Into the Storm Zone
Corey Dlyon - Spartan posts coming soon

Video Blogs / Unboxings / Information
GrueneHorde Videos
Fleet Signal Videos
Mannmomo Podcast

The Warlog

Below is a list of the games that have been played, and reported back to the Spartan games forums, I am sure there are many many more being played out there, but for now here are the stats I have.

This is after 6 months of forum users reporting games back, and I will add an additional chart when we hit 9 and 12 months. 

Incomplete games are where neither player reached Planetfall (0 on the ZHT), and games where the Kurak Alliance, or Zenian League played themselves are excluded from the top figures, and counted merely as Wargames.