Planetfall: Sky Drop

After my previous rules, and with the free release of the rulebook online (I think I may have mentioned this once or twice before) I figured it was time to talk about a few other other items in the book that you will encounter. 

One of the big things, that affects your deployment, your enemies, and how the game progresses are Sky Drops. 

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Sky Drops allow you to drop units, models, and fixed emplacements onto the battlefield from low flying Space Ships. 

Any units with this ability also have a Sky drop marker in the Helix when you purchase them along with a Microdice.

When you deploy your forces you also get to deploy your Sky Drop markers, setting the Micro dice to the number determined by your Race (generally 6,5 or 4). 

The Micro dice represents how many D6 you roll when determining your scatter distance. As the Sky Drop marker has six sides you get to nominate the side you want to be your preferred scatter direction, and then roll another D6 to determine which side you leave scatter, starting with 1 as your preferred direction, and counting clockwise round. 

Now 6D6 actually has a long range it can scatter, anything from 6-36", so right off the back you probably dont want to be calling in any Sky Drops. Additionally if you scatter over an enemy unit, then they get to try and shoot at you on your way down... not so hot! 

If you have Sky Drop markers then you are also going to have a model with a Nexus Designator. This is a targeting weapon that allows you to Zero in a Sky drop site. 

You basically get to shoot at it, and reduce the number by 1 for each success. 

Reducing this number has two advantages, first it allows you reduce the number of dice you roll for your scatter, and secondly when you get it to 1 (the lowest it can go) you are assumed to have Zero'd in that drop marker, meaning you get to re-roll your direction if it isn't your nominated side. 

Then its simply a case of calling in the unit you want to Sky drop in, here are some examples available to the forces released thus far.

These two options are available to the Aquans, the one on the left is a turret, that offers you the opportunity to get those precious Flank and Aft shots on enemy squadrons. 

The one on the right is a focussing Crystal that allows you to extend the range and angle of attack of your laser weapons. 

 The three above are all different races ways of deploying troops onto the battlefield. From left to right they are Dindrenzi, Relthozan and Terquai.

These items scatter and when they land you can then deploy infantry from them.

Next time we will talk about some tactics and ways to deal with an opponent that has Sky drop models.