Planetfall Picking your Force

On the back of my review's time to talk about one of the exciting parts of Planetfall (and all games in my opinion).

Army Buildiing... more after the jump

So in the reviews I discussed about the Helix structure, below is a Battlegroup.

What I showed was actually one of several ways to field your force. In the example above you would have to have all of the Helix's listed present in your list (the core Helix could be either the half or full size, or anything in between).

What you need to play the game is simply.
This is in essence what you receive when you purchase the starter box from Spartan games, you get two Core Helix's one for the Directorate and one for the Aquans. 

Once you have built your Core Helix, you can then simply add on the additional Helix's, so your Battlegroup could end up looking like this

All of this is pretty basic though, there are options to look at expanding your force out so that you can actually have more than one Support Helix attached.

There is a price to pay to take that second support Helix however. When you take a second Helix of the same type you cannot take ANY of the Helix Opposite.

Given that each of the Helix's that are opposite each other fufill similar roles (Support & Heavy for example) it prevents players from overloading on one type of Helix or another, but does allow you to say I don't like the Giant Robots, but love the Tanks, so I want two Heavy Helix's and I wont have any Support Helix's.

It does mean that you can change your Battlegroup like so:

This is obviously one of the examples you can go with, and you could only double up in one Category and still have most of your other Helix's as well.

Next time I will discuss the options around adding Allies into your Battlegroup, and how that works.


Phil Morris said…
Don't know anything about the game but this system for list building looks interesting and elegant from what you've shown here.
Kraggi said…
This is just the first half of it, to save the article from being too long a lot of the other cool options will be up on the 13th.

I think it works very well, because the Core Helix actually has a lot of choice in just itself, and then the outliers have their own level of customization.

I will try and post some army lists in a few weeks.
Greg Barr said…
This one blog post taught me more about the Planetfall Helix FOC rules than the rulebook or any other site on the internet. Thanks for this John.
Kraggi said…
You are Welcome Greg.
Kraggi said…
You are Welcome Greg.