Planetfall - The Core Helix, Directorate

Time for a talk around the Directorate Core Helix, I might have only won 1 out of 6 games with these guys so far, but they are very much up there as some of my favourite models! 

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Ok so first things first, a few model scale shots. Planetfall does tend to work (so far) on three main base sizes, Large, Medium and Small, the three shows below give you some ideas for the scale of the models. 

Now for the full Helix in all its glory. Yup, one purchase for £40 gets you all this. Thats a total of 

1 Large Tank
6 Medium Tanks
5 Light Tanks
6 Infantry

Pretty good value for money (when you add in the objective marker & building that I forgot to show you all!).

So the Core Helix contains half of everything you need to play, however while it gives you that half, you dont actually need everything in the Core Helix. 

In fact the minimum number of models you need to play can be seen below. Just the Desolator, two Retaliators & three Informers. 

It wont score you many TV points by holding objectives, but it is techincally a legal force!

Time for the individuals. Here is the Desolator large tank. This guy can absorb a lot of damage on the way into the enemy, and has a decent amount of firepower to back it up, its not got great numbers of attack dice at long range, but if it gets within 16" of you it can unleash Merry hell on the enemy! 

Next up are the Retaliators, these guys come in Squadrons of two or three, and you can have 1 or 2 squadrons in your Helix. These are the real work horse of the Core Helix, and sometimes escape a lot of damage while people focus on the large tank.

From personnal experience the Medium tanks are probably the largest threat on the table, especially in the small games! 

Now onto the Light tanks, Informers. These guys are recon specialists with a recon move before the game and the ability to hold objectives, and armed with an Anti Personnel weapon (short as its range may be) are very good at clearing Infantry from objectives.

The are easy to kill if you get the successes but with Hard Target they can be surprisingly durable.

The Informers come in Squads of three or five, and your core needs 1-2 of them in it. 

The Intruder can carry upto 8 Infantry at once, and while the Infantry only come in squads of 5, upgrads can make them take up those 8 slots. 

Unlike some other transports, this one has a Weapon with a decent range, and the Interceptor rule, allowing it to shoot at Aircraft with no penalty.

The Intruder is a stand alone squadron, but you can take two in your Core Helix to help you transport those Patriots around!

Trojans... used well these guys can win you the game with their Cyber Warfare weapons. With a constant range of 24", plus a 7" move they have a huge threat radius.

Cyber Warfare doesnt directly damage its target, but its effect range from reducing the enemies shooting effectiveness, to giving them  a disorder marker, or even marking the squadron as activated. 

While these guys are on the table make no mistake your opponent will be wary of where they are. 

The Trojans come in squadrons of two, and you are allowed upto two squadrons in your Core Helix. 

Last, but certainly not least are the Infantry - Patriots. You get six in the box, even though your maximum squad size is five, to allow you to break them down into two squads of three to allow you to control more Battlefield objectives.

You get upto two Squads of these in your Helix, so maxed out you will have 10 bases of them under your command from the core Helix.

Hopped up on drugs these guys are very good in CQB, but their primary thing is going to be holding you objectives and scoring points!


daonem said…
Hello, I was wondering if you have an opinion on directorate inf vs Dindrenzi? I know you can upgrade directorate to be as good if not better than nyx infantry ( sweeper team upgrade plus kill team mar)
Kraggi said…
They do fufill two different roles.

The Dindrenzi and their drop pod allow them to land and take a primary objective off you pretty quickly.

When you start upgrading the Dindrenzi you are looking at 6 successes to destory a base, vs the 5 for a Directorate upgraded unit.

Think they fufill two different roles on the table top.