Directorate Heavy Helix Unboxing

With the newest releases from Planetfall came some new purchases. 

Here are a few pictures of the models contained in the Directorate Heavy Armour Helix. 

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The contents of the box laid out in all their glory.

The random medium building that you get in most Helix boxes (well there are two designs for this so far so I guess about half of them).

The two pictures above show the Heavy Crawler chassis, this is the same as the Desolator, and its simply the turret that defines the difference.

A little bit of flash around the edge of the base but that is all. 

The two shots above show the 3 Avenger Tank Destroyers and the standard Medium Tank Chassis (also used for the Retaliator tank).

The plastic bag contains the turret for the Castigator Heavy Crawler, 2 Punisher Drones, the flight stand, and the Punisher Drone turret for the Stalker Medium Crawler.

A few close ups of the bags parts, showing the flash that is left on them when you get them. 

The two Drones you get, allow you to use one either glued to the turret, or detachable, and the other on a flight stand. 

The Complete Stalker tank (including drone)

The Stalker Tank with the Drone detached. 

The final two shots show the Castigator Heavy Tank fully assembled.

The Heavy Helix can be included in your force by simply adding the Castigator tank, or adding the Castigator and either (or both) the Avenger Tank Squadron & the Stalker Medium tank.

The Stalker allows you to launch a Punisher drone that can improve your shooting accuracy against enemy targets, and is therefore very useful in my opinion!