Planetfall Battle Report (Picture Heavy)

Good Morning all,

So this weekend I managed a whooping 4 games of Planetfall, demo'd it once more, and played Imperial Assault!

Pictures from all of this coming to the blog this week.

For now time to let you see how the first game went!

So first up the two forces on display here are:
Directorate & Works Raptor allies. The game was a basic half Core helix of Directorate and the Works Raptor Recon force.
Terran & Terqaui allies, again their basic half core helix, and the allied Recon helix.

A quick overview shot from the Directorate standpoint.


The Terran Tertiary objectives (my Primary)

The Secondary Objective with the Crashed Works Raptor pod attached to it.

A more zoomed out overview of the battle field.

And again, after the scout moves, with the Directorate moving up on wither flank, and the Terrans going straight for the objective.

The opening actions of the game resulted in the Valkayrie light tanks being hit by a Cyber Warfare attack and being marked as activated.
The Teraqui moved forward and deployed the Drones from their gate into the Secondary objective (a mistake we rectified a few pictures later, as the Drones couldn't dis-embark and re-embark in the same movement action).

Another directorate shot, still in turn 1, and awaiting most of the movement from their forces.

The two shots above show that the Directorate Informer light buggies planning their move, and then moving in towards the secondary objective, their shots taking two bases off the Terqaui drones.

The unfortunate fate of the Informers, even needing 5's to hit, and 15 DR between them, the Terran Heimdal's happily wiped them out...

The dice they got from their role.

The after effect of the shooting... no more Informers.

The Directorate Zero Hour Tracker at the end of turn 1 (19 points)

The Terran Zero Hour Tracker at the end of turn 1 (18 points)

Turn 2

The Desolator & Witches advance, looking to take out the Iophon, it might have taken most of the Helix to do it, but we did eventually managed to knock it out of the Sky.

The Trojans suffered this turn after taking the Valkyrie light tanks out of the game in the first turn by giving them an activation marker, The Heimdal's opened fire, taking one of them out of the game outright.

The Intruder, Desolator and Retaliator's move up to deal with Drones (in Red) holding the Secondary Objective.

Eager to get involved after their first stationary turn the Valkyries close in on the LS-6 Crones (the small Grey tanks).

At the end of Turn 2, the Directorate Zero Hour Tracker was down to 15, with the Iophon disappearing things were moving in the right direction.

The Terrans also were closing in on their Zero Hour, with their score down 15 as well.
Turn 3

The Witches accelerated out to the flank to try and deal with the Heimdals (just on the other side of the building), the Terrans most effective unit so far.

The Vidar was suffering with two damage points and beginning to run out room to manoeuvre.

Another Terquai Gate arrived, with 5 more Drones appearing, their lighting assault inflicted on damage on the Directorate Desolator in return for 1 lost base.
Both units failed their Disorder test, meaning another Done unit was going to die, and the Desolator was in effect down to only one hit point.
Fortunately the Desolator had managed to take the final hull point off the Vidar, however not enough damage had overflown to the Shield tank sitting behind it.

The secondary objective was the focus of everyones attention, with it being key to the games outcome now.

Turn 4
I missed the Zero Hour trackers for the end of Turn 3, however at this point the Directorate had begun to open up a bit of a gap.
The Heimdal's moved in to deal with the Directorate Retaliators after another successful CQB action from the Terquai Drones had managed to wipe out the one hull point the Desolator had left.

The Patriot infantry of the Directorate prepare to launch a CQB storm to take the secondary objective off the Terquai, supported by LS-6 'Crone' with their Anti Infantry weapons they successfully managed to claim the Secondary objective.

At the end of Turn 4 the Directorate had reached 0, where the Terrans were on 4. If they hadn't played any TAC cards though I would have probably lost the game.

Very close in the end and my first victory as Directorate against the Terrans!