Aquan Heavy Helix Unboxing

The Aquan Heavy Helix (complete with my shillouette)

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Below you can see the box contents, before and after I unpacked them. You do get quite a bit of Resin in this one! 

Below you can see the Haumea Heavy Skimmer tank, this is the minimum requirement to take in a Heavy Helix for the Aquans.

From this first picture you can see the attachment to the standard Heavy Aquan Chassis

It does come with a fair amount of flash in the middle that because of the ridges on the underside is a bit of a pain to remove effectively. 

The Tank fully assembled... flash and all!

Below you can see the SirSir (back left), and the three Locatu Tank Destroyers. These guys look pretty cool, and really fit the rest of the Aquan armies feel.

The underside of the tanks, where you have an additional comment that you slot in to allow them to fit to their base and appear to be hovering! 

The rest of the components. These pictures include the flash and look exactly how they appear when I removed them from their wrapping.

This did slightly shock my as the Voltari Crystals I got in the starter set were a cloudy blue Acrylic, where as these are just Resin, and require me to paint them, on the plus side it allows me to see how cool I can make them look! 


ahmadan said…
You got two Stingrays as well?
I've been wondering if mine was a lucky fluke, but it seems not.
Kraggi said…
I am hoping that the ORBATS get updated to include them in the Helix itself, would be very nice :-)