Dreadball Xtreme

Mantic have done it again.

Another kickstarter that has captured my imagination. 

The last one they ran (Mars Attacks) left me hopeful I would be able to resist them in the future, as the game didnt appeal to me.

However Dreadball Xtreme has been put up and I have already pledged in for Rampage.

Love the idea of the Deadzone style Dreadball mat... hopefully it will translate well to standard Dreadball games as well - for ease of transport if nothing else! 

The new teams look sweet, and while I currently need to decide between the Plague or Robots for my extra free team (as part of Rampage) I look forward to their future choices. 

The Chovar Psychic that has been included in Rampage as a Giant already looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

All in all, this Kickstarter looks like a blast and I strongly advise anyone that has looked at Dreadball before to consider this kickstarter as it will give you most (if not all) of what you need to get into standard Dreadball too.

Dwarfs - New Book, New List.

So after reviewing a list and seeing what I can do, I think its time to see what we can do with the new Dwarf book.... I am looking at some quite cool fast moving Dwarf lists.

Dwarfs - Comparing an old Armylist to the New Book

With the release of the new Dwarf army book I have decided its time to resurrect & dust off my army.

They have been sitting on a shelf dutifully waiting since mid April last year. 

To ensure my name is not engraved in the Book of Grudges any further its definitely time for them to see some battles. 

The first thing I have done after getting my hands on the new army book is to do a quick comparison of my last army list. 

Tau Battle board...

Hey, Dragkon again.

So just a small post for today showing a early battle board for the Tau

Tau Expansion

Yo, Drag here.

It has been a while since I did a post on my tau nothing new since the new rule book came out so here they are the new and improved version of them.

The Lost Friday Post

Hey Guys. Dragkon here.

So yea missed the Friday post. been a busy, night outs and sorting the PC out. So here in this one it is gonna be the Marauders, yea no rebs. I distracted and started painting them.

Work in Progress - Grandmaster

Another Grandmaster I hear you cry! 

Well yup, I do like my Grandmasters, as you can kit them out for so many things.

Dead Zone terrain - More Pictures

Hi Dragkon back again,

Today I'm showing you some of the terrain that I have got done finally,

January's Games

So first month of a new year.

Time to figure out how I am doing against my resolutions, and if I am getting my money's worth, and enjoyment from my Wargaming.

More after the jump!


Hey Dragkon back again/

So this week is going to be another week of Dead Zone, and starting off its the Rebs!

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