Hey Dragkon back again/

So this week is going to be another week of Dead Zone, and starting off its the Rebs!

So not manged to finish them all off (naughty Dragkon) but this is what is done so far. I have been using some the FX paints on these guys well the bases to give it a different look from most of the stuff that is done by me. And yea they work really well,

Well I couldn't help myself so I started off painting this nice miniature. it helped set the theme and look that I was wanting to achieve with them.  

These guys the next one that I wanted to get done following the same style as the Leader I want to keep them close in the same selection of colours as before.

Well here the rest of them as you see still working on them and trying different things with them. Still not sure on the last one I do have some others of this type to paint up so might try something else with them. paler skin colour?

so that is a quick update on this side of things and it is now week 3 in the blogging side, So at this moment hoping to have a week of dead zone and week of 40K with the post here just so I can keep my self update with all the stuff that has been done so should be fun (till i forget)


Tristan M said…
They are looking pretty good - those FX paints actually work really well on those bases, I am torn between whether the circular gap between the figure "tab" and the base helps or hurts. It doesn't look great on the leader with the leg up, but I think it adds to the effect for the two basic reb humans.
Dragkon said…
Hi tris I know what you mean mate the reb leader was the first one I tried the fx paint on so it won't be the best the other two I put a thicker amount round the gap but still didn't cover it so I think it might be a case of green stuff round it just to fill that gap in more to make the base work.