Dead Zone terrain - More Pictures

Hi Dragkon back again,

Today I'm showing you some of the terrain that I have got done finally,

As I have said I got hold of some the FX paints and been having some fun with them and have to say they are awesome paints. well the two I got, but definitely will be looking at picking up more at the first opportunity. so here are the rest... well close up up these.


Tristan M said…
looking good!
I got the majority of my second set of tiles painted so now I need to do some more assembly.
The first building piece has rust effects on 2/4 sides, once that's complete it will be time for some varnish :)

I am guessing you are using BFTBG - what is the other FX paint you picked up?
Dragkon said…
Cheers Tris

I still need to finish off the first batch. The other paint I have is the AE really good and what I used on the Rebs bases