The Lost Friday Post

Hey Guys. Dragkon here.

So yea missed the Friday post. been a busy, night outs and sorting the PC out. So here in this one it is gonna be the Marauders, yea no rebs. I distracted and started painting them.

Not got them all sorted yet only a couple of them to see how they would work and what colours go well together. so closer look at them.

Picked up another FX paint again and its work really well hell here showing a the energy running through the weapons and back pack. I also had one of the first games with these guys as well and yea not that impressed at first, they seemed to die really quickly, or i had really bad dice rolling. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of paint job for these guys and any pointers you might have,


Tristan M said…
Is that the Nihilakh Oxide? I think it's meant for verdigris but it's interesting you using it for power or energy sources.

Is the brown on the commando's skin a wash or a dip? I started using wood stain dip before the army painter stuff came out and it nearly ruined one of my marauders. Thought I'd watered it down enough but it was too thick. Luckily I was able to scrub most of it off with a toothbrush and water and now he just looks a bit dirty.

Let me know if it's a dip/stain and if you have any experience with the army painter stuff. I might try once more with my mixture thinned down even more but am wary.
Dragkon said…
Hi Tristan

sorry for a very late response. It is a wash on the skin, well the whole model. I used agrax earthshade on it all.

again sorry for the late reply