Dwarfs - New Book, New List.

So after reviewing a list and seeing what I can do, I think its time to see what we can do with the new Dwarf book.... I am looking at some quite cool fast moving Dwarf lists.

Without further ado... I present Strollaz's list.

Daemonslayer - Runic Weapon, Master Rune of Flight, Rune of Might, Rune of Parrying
Thane - Battle Standard Bearer, Runic Standard, Master Rune of Grungi, Strollaz's Rune & Rune of Sloweness
Runesmith - General, Shield, Rune of Spell Breaking
Runesmith - Shield
Runesmith - Shield
Warriors x 30, Shield, Full Command
Longbeards x 30, Shield, Full Command, Runic Standard - Strollaz's Rune
Hammerers x 30, Full Command, Strollaz's Rune, Rune of Slowness
Slayers x 19, Standard, Strollaz's Rune, Rune of Sanctuary
Gyrocopter, Vanguard Move
Gyrocopter, Vanguard Move

Total 2492.

Every unit in the list save one Gyrocopter gets a Vanguard move, which means you are greatly reducing the length of time the enemy has to prepare for you. Downsides to this do include that you are going to technically get closer to combat armies earlier, but then there isn't much else you can do about that. 

I like the idea of the Dwarfs speeding across the table top, and look forward to trying this out. 

The other plus side is that this list only requires a few purchases for me to be able to field it, namely

Two Runesmiths, 2 Gyrocopters & 9 Slayers. 

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Looks good. I would drop one of the Runesmiths and bump up the other two Runesmiths with the second level of Runebreaking. That gives you 2 Dispel Scrolls and a cheep price to pay for a good chance that wizard can't ever cast a spell for the game. Seeing a enemy lose Dwellers first turn would be pretty big. Having a tunesmith with the warriors H&S won't help that much since they are still only strength 3 normally and they are just an anvil unit.
Kraggi said…
Thats a very good point, threatening with those dispel scrolls will help, and its a nice to have for the Warriors, but not a requirement.

Thanks for the Input!