January's Games

So first month of a new year.

Time to figure out how I am doing against my resolutions, and if I am getting my money's worth, and enjoyment from my Wargaming.

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Deadzone Demo Day


Plague vs Enforcers - 8-1 Victory
Rebs vs Enforcers - 2-8 Loss
Enforcers vs Plague - 2 - 10 Loss
Plague vs Enforcers - 10 - 5 Win

Warhammer 40k 

Games at Dwarf:
Grey Knights vs Salamanders & Scions of Dorn - Draw - 6-6
Grey Knights vs Salamanders - Win, 8-2

Team Event

Grey Knights & Necrons vs Eldar - 11-11 Draw
Grey Knights & Necrons vs Orks & Necrons - 20-0 Win
Grey Knights & Necrons vs Tau - 4-16 Loss

Preferred Enemy - 1650 Points

Game 1 vs Chaos Space Marines 1-6, Loss
Game 2 vs Chaos Daemons, 12-1, Win
Game 3 vs Necrons, 8-3, Win
Game 4 vs Space Marines, 1-16, Loss
Game 5 vs Chaos Space Marines, 12-6, Win
Game 6 vs Chaos Space Marines, 3-3 Draw
Game 7 vs Eldar, 12-2. Win
Overall Place - 6 / 20


Grey Knight Grandmaster, you can see his post here.

Models I have worked on this month:
Ultramarines Tactical Squad - WIP
Ultramarines Assault Squad - WIP
Deadzone Plague Faction - WIP
Vengeance Battery - WIP
Bunker - WIP
Deadzone Buildings x 2 - WIP
Grey Knights (Strike Marines, Purifiers, Interceptors) - Undercoated
Grey Knight Techmarine - Undercoated
Grey Knight Grandmaster Psycannon - Completed
Grey Knight Grandmaster Orbital - Undercoated

Warhammer 40k Value:

Including the Rules, Psychic Cards & Digital Rules my total expenditure on 40k rules is sitting at £79.

Given that I have now played 126 games, the value per game is now down to: 43p when excluding the digital edition, or 63p including it. 

I suppose when I bring in Stronghold assault I will need to look at the value for money for that too. 

Overall though pretty happy with that price.

For my New Years Resolutions here is how I stack up:

Play at least 100 Wargames this year - 16 / 100
Play at least 75 Games of Warhammer 40k this year 12 / 75
Attend a One or More Games Workshop Events
Painting – Try and reduce this pile of unpainted / partially painted models

Currently outstanding:
Ultramarine Assault Squad
Ultramarine Drop Pod,
Ultramarine Tactical Squad
Ultramarine Stormraven
Necrons Warriors Requiring touch ups
Grey Knight Terminators x 15 Touch ups
Grey Knight Strike Marines x 10 Touch Ups - Additional Models now glued.
Cantopk Bugs
Tomb Stalker x 2
Deadzone Factions x 4
Deadzone Mercenaries x 8
Deadzone Terrain
Tempestus Firebase
Space Wolf Basing
Grey Knight Basing