Work in Progress - Grandmaster

Another Grandmaster I hear you cry! 

Well yup, I do like my Grandmasters, as you can kit them out for so many things.

Ok, so these pictures arent great, and I will be getting better ones taken as I go through the painting the model.

This guys has been made from:

a Finecast Draigo Body
Grey Knight Terminator Apothecary Army
Grey Knight Terminator Storm Bolter
Space Wolf Terminator Right Arm
Strike Marine Sword impaling Plague Bearer Head
Drop Pod Harness (part of the frame)
Inside of Rear Chimera door.

The finecast body was a donation and as you can see is missing the front of his left foot, although i plan on Green Stuffing that back in. 

The Sword has been cut off at the hilt and repositioned so that it worked in relation to the terminators body. 

I am very happy with this model, the Apothecary army works quite well as an Orbital Bombardment control. After I had modelled him I realised the Orbital Bombardment didn't replace his storm bolter, hence adding that as a last minute addition. It has worked very well (if I do say so myself)


Dragkon said…
Hey krag. wee heads up need to keep an eye on images sizes sorted them out for ya :P .

BTW. Looking good bro. I want a it Fully Painted next.