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I love reading others posts about several other, and I think that while there is plenty of readily accessible content, and easy to find blogs about Games Workshop, sometimes finding blogs about other games can be a little more challenging.

What I would like is for anyone that regularly blogs about Mantic or Spartan games to drop me a line in the comments here, I will then get a dedicated blog roll setup to ensure that visitors to the site can see a list of blogs that will help fan the flames of interest in the games these companies produce. 

I think this could be a really useful tool in helping spread the word for some of these games and companies which can only be a good think. 

If you would like to contribute please drop me a line in the comments, and if you are feeling nice it would be great if you can add this blog to your blogroll! 

Many thanks! 


Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antartica

The work in progress on my Dystopian Wars fleet... a fair few pictures after the jump!

Firestorm Planetfall & Armada June releases.

The latest release just hit my inbox from Spartan games.

My focus will be on their Armada & Planetfall releases with them being my main money sink at the moment. 

Some interesting stuff, especially the Invasion booklet....

More after the jump

Planetfall: Aquans 3000 Points

So after writing 3000 points of Directorate, I figured it was time to get a 3000 point Aquan list jotted down.

Aquans - 3000 Points

Core Helix - 2310
Heavy Helix - 640

Logistic Points - 2

Core Helix
Sedna x 2, SirSir Attached
Lamana x 3, Sir Sir Attached
Imzani x 3
Imzani x 3
Stingray Battery x 2
Stingray Battery x 2
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Khitari x 5, Breacher Team x 2, Gun Teams x 3
Khitari x 4

Heavy Helix
Haumea x 1
Locatu x 3

Si the list above lacks any real offensive objective capturing, the Imzani's are relatively weak, but with their new and improved 5 AD each are throwing out 15 AD, which is nothing to sniff at. 

One of the Khitari can sit back and hold the objective, while the second can ride around in the Sedna's hoping for an oppourtunistic CQB or Objective Grab.

Initially I had managed to squeeze a second Lamana squad in, but I didnt really feel like I had enough Sky Drop power, so dropped them for a second SirSir, additional Crystals and the second light touch unit of Khitari. 

For AA the Haumea will have to do, and it does mean that it will be the enemies priority target, however they will also be mine! 

With the Sedna's, Lamana, Locatu's the aim will be to get Crystals down on the table to give the enemy some pause while they advance on me. 

All in all, I think that given the self imposed restriction of 3000 points this list will prove most interesting. 

Planetfall:Directorate 3000 Points

Here is a 3000 point list i jotted out a while ago for my Planetfall Directorate.

While we are all still finding our feet with Planetfall I expect a lot of army lists will change and adapt as we move forward.

For now its time to use all of the models, and see how they perform.

I have had plenty of games with my Aquans recently, so now its time to get back to the race that got me into the game in the first place! 

So without further ado:

Directorate 3000 Points.

Logistic Points: 1
Core Helix: 2200 Points
Heavy Helix: 775 Points

Core Helix
Desolator x 2
Retaliator x 3
Trojan x 2
Trojan x 2
Informer x 5
Informer x 5
Intruder x 1
Patriot x 5, Officer Team, Gun Teams x 2, Sweeper Teams x 2 (Proxied models)
Patriot x 5, Officer Team, Sweeper Teams x 2

Heavy Helix
Castigator x 1
Stalker x 1 (Attached to Castigator)
Avenger x 3


So 3000 points gives me some options, but not a massive amount. I decided this time to drop the Allied Recon Helix to give the Heavy Helix a chance to play.

The main aim here is that one of the Patriot Squads will hold my Tertiary Objective, with the Guns to help out if anything gets too close.

The Second Patriot squad will be in the intruder and will roll towards the Secondary / Primary Objective depending on how the game looks to be panning out.

Not 100% sold on the two squads of Trojans, but equally I don't have a lot else to fill in that 200 point gap, they are pretty survivable, but tend to need activating very early to get maximum benefit, and it can sometimes give your opponent a degree of control as they know you need to activate them early, but equally they need to activate their big units early to avoid any activated tokens being given to their heavy hitters. 

The Avengers in the Heavy Helix cost more points than a second Retaliators squadron, but they have more firepower at a longer range, and I really don't want my opponent to close the gap with me if i can avoid it. 

Interested in the thoughts of other planetfall players.

After the Cut

In the last few years I have been brutally cutting down my total number of models, although this has corresponded to a larger number of games systems coming into my possession.

At the moment I own the following:

The first book shelf consists of Directorate & Aquan forces for Planetfall.
Covenant of Antartica for Dystopian Wars
Ralgard for Uncharted Seas

With a couple of spaces for more models to be put out when I get the chance. 

The second shelves contain a display shelf with some of my favourite minatures, or mini's that have been bought as a gift that I dont want to part with. 

The rest of it is dedicated to Deadzone with: 


Being represented. 

Looking back at this I know this means I do not have my Warmachines / Hordes, X-Wing, Dreadball or Firestorm out on display yet.

I guess its time to get back into the hobby room to get more minis out on shelves!

Carronade 2015

Well with the yearly Carronade show just behind us, I thought it would be worth sharing my purchases from the event.

Generally I go to Carronade for the flea market to sell a load of unused models, and to have a look at the other games systems out there.

This year was no different, and while I didnt sell as much as I might usually do, I had considerably less to get rid of this year.

My purchases consist of:

While at the flea market I managed to pick up a sealed copy of Battletech for a bargin £25 (normally selling for £40).

This is sitting at home waiting for me to crack it open and get the Mechs painted, it will also allow me to delve into the table top (rather than just the board game) version as it comes with a nice number of Mechs of good detail.

I have had my eye on this since it was released and was really pleased I managed to pick up a copy.

My second purchase was probably mostly influenced by the number of people in my club that picked it up,


From discussing the game with the people at the stall it sounds like a very different style of sports game, and the number of people in my local area buzzing about it was outstanding. 

I ended up picking up a Full Engineers team and a partial Butchers team to allow me to demo it to people a little easier. 

We have facebook group setup for Scottish Guildballers (Guild Ball - Scotland), and if you are interested, or already have the game I would advise joining so you can find out where and when the events are being arranged. 

The remainder of the money I made will probably be going on an Aquan Leviathan as I cannot wait to get my hands on one, and the Directorate one already found its way into my possession.

Hopefully a few more posts over the next few weeks, a recent arrival to the family has disrupted my blogging, and had a marked impact before they arrived as well!

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