Planetfall:Directorate 3000 Points

Here is a 3000 point list i jotted out a while ago for my Planetfall Directorate.

While we are all still finding our feet with Planetfall I expect a lot of army lists will change and adapt as we move forward.

For now its time to use all of the models, and see how they perform.

I have had plenty of games with my Aquans recently, so now its time to get back to the race that got me into the game in the first place! 

So without further ado:

Directorate 3000 Points.

Logistic Points: 1
Core Helix: 2200 Points
Heavy Helix: 775 Points

Core Helix
Desolator x 2
Retaliator x 3
Trojan x 2
Trojan x 2
Informer x 5
Informer x 5
Intruder x 1
Patriot x 5, Officer Team, Gun Teams x 2, Sweeper Teams x 2 (Proxied models)
Patriot x 5, Officer Team, Sweeper Teams x 2

Heavy Helix
Castigator x 1
Stalker x 1 (Attached to Castigator)
Avenger x 3


So 3000 points gives me some options, but not a massive amount. I decided this time to drop the Allied Recon Helix to give the Heavy Helix a chance to play.

The main aim here is that one of the Patriot Squads will hold my Tertiary Objective, with the Guns to help out if anything gets too close.

The Second Patriot squad will be in the intruder and will roll towards the Secondary / Primary Objective depending on how the game looks to be panning out.

Not 100% sold on the two squads of Trojans, but equally I don't have a lot else to fill in that 200 point gap, they are pretty survivable, but tend to need activating very early to get maximum benefit, and it can sometimes give your opponent a degree of control as they know you need to activate them early, but equally they need to activate their big units early to avoid any activated tokens being given to their heavy hitters. 

The Avengers in the Heavy Helix cost more points than a second Retaliators squadron, but they have more firepower at a longer range, and I really don't want my opponent to close the gap with me if i can avoid it. 

Interested in the thoughts of other planetfall players.


Anonymous said…
Generally, I prefer small, tactically flexible helixes to ones like your core helix here. I'm leery of putting so many points and squads into a single core helix at what is, essentially, still a pretty small game for Planetfall. You've got 9 activations in that helix, and once you start using them you can't use any of the squads in your heavy helix until you've gone through all 9 squads in the Core Helix.

If you're limited to taking a single battle group, you're kind of stuck, but if your opponent agrees to allow a second group, I'd split the core Helix up into a 2 fairly equal groups (at least in terms of squadron count). It really hurts to be unable to activate a helix and watch it get pounded into oblivion. Your only hope is that you get a chance to respond with CQB.

Of course, part of this is caused by the fact that there still isn't a whole lot of variety available for Planetfall (with the leviathans we have 3-4 helix choices for most factions). Seeing what they've done for Dystopian Wars gives me hope that within a year or so we'll have a lot more to choose from to build our forces.
Kraggi said…
Its true that we are still a little limited in our options for Planetfall Helix's.

I like the idea of one larger Helix, and to be honest between the command cards and sensible positioning I normally find that i can activate my Heavy Helix first and then move onto my Core Helix.

With more Helixes on the board though I suspect this will change, and this list is a little bit older as I dont have my Leviathan in here, and that baby definitely needs some table top time!