Planetfall: Aquans 3000 Points

So after writing 3000 points of Directorate, I figured it was time to get a 3000 point Aquan list jotted down.

Aquans - 3000 Points

Core Helix - 2310
Heavy Helix - 640

Logistic Points - 2

Core Helix
Sedna x 2, SirSir Attached
Lamana x 3, Sir Sir Attached
Imzani x 3
Imzani x 3
Stingray Battery x 2
Stingray Battery x 2
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Voltari Crystal
Khitari x 5, Breacher Team x 2, Gun Teams x 3
Khitari x 4

Heavy Helix
Haumea x 1
Locatu x 3

Si the list above lacks any real offensive objective capturing, the Imzani's are relatively weak, but with their new and improved 5 AD each are throwing out 15 AD, which is nothing to sniff at. 

One of the Khitari can sit back and hold the objective, while the second can ride around in the Sedna's hoping for an oppourtunistic CQB or Objective Grab.

Initially I had managed to squeeze a second Lamana squad in, but I didnt really feel like I had enough Sky Drop power, so dropped them for a second SirSir, additional Crystals and the second light touch unit of Khitari. 

For AA the Haumea will have to do, and it does mean that it will be the enemies priority target, however they will also be mine! 

With the Sedna's, Lamana, Locatu's the aim will be to get Crystals down on the table to give the enemy some pause while they advance on me. 

All in all, I think that given the self imposed restriction of 3000 points this list will prove most interesting. 


ahmadan said…
Looking good, I'll be running a very similar list tonight (but at 4k, with a Terquai Helix added).

Have you considered moving some crystals to the heavy Helix?
I'm debating that, to give me some activation flexibility in both Helixes, but I'm not sure...