Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antartica

The work in progress on my Dystopian Wars fleet... a fair few pictures after the jump!

With the release of the Dystopian Wars Rulebook for Free download, I decided to get my CoA fleet back out and finish painting them.

So far they are looking pretty good, and I think just need their Turrets one or two colours and a wash to be classed as complete.

Having read the Rules I am going to be going for Full Energy weapons for everyone, might mean I need to stay at range, but it fits with how I see them in my mind, so I am hopefully that it will work out well, but if not at least it matches my fluffy expectations!

So here we go on the fleet assembled thus far under Admiral Kraggi! 

Aristotle Class Battleship

Diophantus Class Assault Carrier

Hippasus Class Battle Cruiser

Cleomedes Class Cruisers

Diogenes Class Frigates

Thales Class Corvettes

Pericles Class Drone Fleet Carrier

Callimachus Class Time Dilation Orb (waterlined)

Galen Class Escorts

Prometheus Class Dreadnought
- My most recent purchase has had the turrets put on, but only been undercoated so far. 

A bit of a wierd force as I think it needs a chunk more light and medium ships, but before anymore purchases for it, some serious painting to be done!