Blog Roll Exchange

I love reading others posts about several other, and I think that while there is plenty of readily accessible content, and easy to find blogs about Games Workshop, sometimes finding blogs about other games can be a little more challenging.

What I would like is for anyone that regularly blogs about Mantic or Spartan games to drop me a line in the comments here, I will then get a dedicated blog roll setup to ensure that visitors to the site can see a list of blogs that will help fan the flames of interest in the games these companies produce. 

I think this could be a really useful tool in helping spread the word for some of these games and companies which can only be a good think. 

If you would like to contribute please drop me a line in the comments, and if you are feeling nice it would be great if you can add this blog to your blogroll! 

Many thanks! 



ahmadan said…
I'd love to be part of it!
I've been lacking a bit with posting recently, but that is mostly to actually spending time playing instead...

My blog is at
Kraggi said…
Asked on the other post, then spotted you had posted here, thanks for posting, will get you added!

First blog on the dedicated blog roll!